Apologies for starting the week with a somewhat self indulgent post, however last week was such a very inspiring week for The High Tea Cast that we wanted to capture how we feel before it’s lost in the noise of day jobs and crazy lives. You know how it is – a female podcast duo’s work is never done!

Much to our delight, we were featured on two different websites, who decided that little ol’ us had produced a podcast and a blog that were both worthy of attention and inspirational to boot. Both of us are so proud to have gained these titles. Lea especially – a GINGER woman of the week?! It’s a big step for redheads everywhere!

So here’s the lowdown:

Dollymix.tv: Thought-candy for your lady brains


What’s it all about? This is Aigua Media’s ultimate in blogzines for fashionistas everywhere. A wonderful mix of style-savvy round ups, all manner of reportage from the Big Smoke and beyond, crafts, politics, celebrity goss and even has a feature about a cake-based model of London. In our eyes, blogzines don’t get much better than that.

What they said: 

“The High Tea Cast is a “UK Female Lifestyle & Podcast Blog”, starring the sassy Sam Sparrow and the lovely Lea Rice. It’s a bit like listening to your best mates chat about all your favourite things. In the first episode alone, they chatted about tea, cakes, Caitlin Moran, embarrassing incidents and Drink, Shop, Do.

Each podcast is around an hour an a half long (perfect for Sunday afternoons or for your commute to and from work).”

To see the full article, click here!


Sarah’s Scribbles: Self-proclaimed shoe addict, persistant talker and writer

What’s it all about? This super sassy blue-eyed beauty is a blogging genius with a mega following and tons to chat about. Sarah’s Scribbles is her open space to talk all things fashion, loves, hates and all things life. She recently posted a wonderful feature about getting “a perkier pair” (a girl who can be matter of fact about her lady lumps? Automatic HTC favourite), and will also be featuring in the December issue of Red magazine, but won’t tell us why. Oh the suspense!

What they said: 

“This is the next generation of blogging for sure – combining written and spoken posts about every fun and female. What makes The High Tea Cast so god damn amazing and worthy of Website of The Week, is the two very shining stars: Sam Sparrow and Lea Rice.”

To see the full article, click here!

Needless to say, we were humbled and touched by the wonderful words bestowed upon us by these ladies. We’ll be grinning like idiots all week!

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