Bet that got you looking didn’t it?

Fear not, the High Tea Cast girls haven’t gone pro-anorexia on yo’ ass. Actually, we’re a little miffed about the recent rise to fashion of the “Curvy” trend. When will the industry wise up and realise that for a huge amount of women, curves are not a trend to be picked up and thrown away on a whim in the name of fashion? They are beautiful, natural and should be catered to all the time, not just when the catwalk dictates.

The rise of the curve first caught our eye on a tube station poster for Levi jeans. Eureka! Jeans that have room for an arse that’s bigger than a tennis ball (not that the models have, of course). It’s only taken until 2011 for someone in Levi’s to accept that we women occasionally have a little more junk in our trunk than Keira Knightly does, and that we’re allowed to have clothes that fit properly.

The next day, we happened across this in Oxford Street’s United Colours of Benetton:

This is the advert for the new Pinup sweater. It’s designed to enhance the curve of the body. If you can see any real curves on any of these beautiful, pin-thin ladies then please enlighten us. It’s a very nice sweater, but the only reason it’s outlining a tiny scrap of boob is because it’s skin tight or really well photoshopped, both of which contradict the point of the Pinup sweater.

This isn’t an unusual game for long-standing fashion think-tanks to play, but the quick succession of the posters by two huge brands has us a little worried. Is the curvy girl to become a fleeting trend? Will it be acceptable to eat cake for a few weeks before being guilted by media ridicule and fad diets all over again, or worse turn the fashion world into an advertising farce where models are allowed to reveal they have a tiny bit of breasticle while flaunting around in size 8 jeans pretending to be a plus size?

Having curves is a natural part of a woman’s body, no matter what the sidebar of shame tries to tell you. It’s about time that someone stood up and showed the world what a real curvy girl is, and why it’s no less of a fad, issue or right to have clothes made to fit you than it is for minuscule skinny girls.

Please, before we all bust a button or something, can we make a plea for someone to make a pair of jeans that will incorporate our lush, bouncy bum cheeks without masking it as some sort of special needs trend?

And for the love of all that is lacy, be proud of those hips, that ass and those whopping great double D’s, ’cause if the high street is about to go on a curvy frenzy, we might as well show ’em that this was the “trend” they should’ve been fronting all along.

Work it ladies!

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