Last week, the HTC girls and the fanmarvellous Eleni Cashell (of Episode 1 and Episode 2) had a little discount assistance from, and treated ourselves to a Friday night of burly entertainment at the Indigo2 theatre. Not only did the lineup of acts get us all fancifully overexcited and squealy – the anticipation of seeing the great Chrys Columbine, cheeky cabaret group the Follymixtures and Piff the Magic Dragon (he rocked his classic joke “You may have heard of my older brother… Dave”, and came on stage with his gorgeous psychic chihuahua) surged through our veins after being released from a week of hard grafting –  but we were dying to see the host in action.

Yes. The sensational Kiki Kaboom was hosting, singing, cracking jokes and simply heading up the mischief. Quite how we managed to jump into her bed and interview her last week we’ll never know, but more about that on Episode 4 (coming your way next week!).

The Folly Mixture‘s playboy bunny routine knocked our socks off from the start, and was later followed by a jaw dropping routine to Dolly Parton’s “9-5”. Telling you how they started off dressed for the office and ended up in sparkly knickers is probably enough to get you booking tickets to their next show. We want to be Folly Mixtures!

In quick succession we were treated to Hotcake Kitty‘s traditional balloon act, Amber Topaz‘s Yorkshire charm accompanied by peacock feathers and the ultimate singing voice (this lady can hold a note for about an hour!), and the utterly sensational, dazzling, beautiful, sexy as hell and saucy to boot piano-playing-whilst-stripping-to-classical-music Chrys Columbine. You’ve never seen anyone play and move like this lady – a truly talented musician and dancer who ends one dance by pouring a bottle of bubbly over her rather naked self. We love her. And we want to see more.

As for the wonderful Kiki Kaboom? She kept us all chuckling with her cheeky quips and tongue in cheek heckles. At one point she had to fend off the advances of a man from the audience called Tim who’d hit the sherbets a bit too hard – pure comedy gold.

Topped off with a rendition of “When you’re good to Kiki”, taken from Mama Morton’s song in Chicago, we can only hope that when The High Tea Cast girls get around to hosting our own High Tease event next year, we have a compere like that lovely lady!


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