Kiki Kaboom, Cabaret Act
We get into bed with burlesque star Kiki Kaboom.

At HTC towers (aka Sam’s spare room), we’ve often talked about our world domination plans. Yes, that’s right we are taking over the world.  But do you know what?  We are in good company, and we have been meeting a whole range of sisters who really are doing it for themselves and taking the world by storm. If you could plan your own workd domination, what would you do? Our contributors and interviewees will be giving you some food for thought, as well as us HTC lasses pondering on their own sisterly plans.

We’ve got:

  • Chatter and banter with The High Tea Cast’s very own sisters
  • We get into bed with burlesque sensation Kiki Kaboom and talk nipple tassles
  • Regular newscaster and all man basher Simon Button
  • Baking connoisseur James Castell gets busy in his kitchen
  • Lazy cake reviews with some sugary treats from the sofa
  • We interview Jennifer Begg about charity project Janies School, the reason for Sex & Mugs & Rock n Roll
  • And finally, we are played out by Country & Western sensation, Amy Westney
The HTC gals will also be sharing some secrets and opinions of their own, and bringing bants a plenty!

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