Sian To
Sian To, founder of Cybher tells us what the conference is all about.

We’ve taken the decs down, put down the chocolates and polished off the mulled wine to bring you a rocking podcast for the start of this year. HTC towers might be lacking in tinsel, but this is more than made up for with japery and resolutions. Sort of. We’ll be discussing making new plans for this year, pondering on odd hashtags on Twitter about prepubescent pop stars and wondering whether normal names are the best way to go for pets (they are. We said).

We’ve got:

  • The HTC ladies rounding up the best and the worst resolutions, and sharing their own
  • Our regular newscaster Simon Button complains about 2012
  • An interview with female powerhouse Sian To of Cybher, the UK’s biggest female blogging conference
  • We review some crazy sweet stuff courtesy of Crumbs and Doilies
  • Discussions on how to do something good and do something different in 2012
  • And finally,  we are played out by Go-Zilla, who are bound to get you dancing!
The HTC gals will also be sharing some secrets and opinions of their own, and bringing bants a plenty!

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Make The High Tea Cast your only resolution for 2012!

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