My friends often tell me that I’m never dull, and sometimes I can see why. I’m a hopeless romantic, a terrible singer, and most of all, I have no co-ordination. Seriously, I can’t even walk in a straight line without  falling over.

This terrible co-ordination means I can’t dance for toffee; in fact I dance like a complete burke. So of course it seems only natural that I would take up swing dancing right?

Swing Patrol Swing Dancing
Photo courtesy of Swing Patrol, Finsbury Park

Like anything good in my life, my affair with swing dancing occurred after a drunken night at the High Tea Cast’s Sex Mugs and Rock and Roll fundraiser. After one too many vodkas, a friend asked if I’d like to accompany her to swing dance classes…I stumbled over and slurred the fateful words that would turn out to change my life forever…hell yeah.

But this drunken agreement has now become my latest obsession, and I now attend several classes a week and even persuade work colleagues to come along, just so I can get my fix.

Swing Patrol Swing Dancing
Photo Courtesy of Swing Patrol London

The class I go to is run by the amazing Swing Patrol, who have the some of the best and nicest dance teachers you could wish to meet. In my first class when it took me an hour just to get the basic step right (which everyone else had appeared to pick up in the first five minutes), my teachers were nothing by encouraging, even when it transpired that I’d be dancing on the wrong foot for the entire class.

Recently I attended a ‘Meet the Scene’ ball; an excuse to bring all the swing dancing newbies from across several classes together. It was like stepping back in time; with some gorgeous frocks, vintage hairdos, suited and booted boys looking like they’d just stepped out of a Mad Men scene, and a live band that made you feel like 2012 was so far away.

Swing Patrol Swing Dancing
Photo courtesy of Swing Patrol, London

For those of you sitting on the edge of your seat, shouting “Where is this class and how do I go!”…let me explain….Every week there’s a different dance to learn,  and from the complete novices who have never looked at dancing shoes, let alone worn them, to the complete pros, there’s a class to accommodate you all. Even better, they take place all over London every day so there’s no excuses!

Every week, £8 of my wages is handed over to this company, and in return I learn a dance, laugh my way through anything I can’t do  and make some terrific friends in the process.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: A quick mention does have to go to Robyn, Joe and new teacher Rose at the Finsbury Park beginner’s class at the Silver Bullet Pub. Your encouragement gives me faith that one day I’ll be able to do more than the basic rock step.

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