Burlesque, in all it’s wonderful, glitzy glory, is one of our most favourite things here at HTC towers. We frequent a good ol’ tease fest often, and after a while it becomes apparent that the best shows are the ones that mix it up. Burlexe is one of those shows, and we just have to tell you all about it.

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If you were coming here for a standard striptease and a spot of tantalisation, you’ve underestimated the point of Burlexe. Through captivating characters and monologues that tell the story of how that girl came to be a burlesque dancer, we learn about real life issues and struggles they faced on the way, and what they still face now. Some of the girls deliver this with sheer comedic wit, some by pulling at the heart strings and some are simply ruthless in their smoulderingly sexy delivery.

Burlexe is compered by the voice and stylings of the beautiful Kele Le Roc – who absolutely knocked me sideways with her awesome rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark – at The Shadow Lounge in Soho. She leads a troop of talent including previous High Tea Cast guest Kiki Kaboom, the tiny burlesque joker that is the vaguely mad Fancy Chance (just YouTube her. You’ll see.), Ginger Blush who sees fit to dance her way through a story about anal sex (we spat out our wine in shock when she pulled… that… from there..), Luna Rosa in all her glory and a whole host of other burly dancers and actresses bringing their own story to the show.

To watch, Burlexe felt like watching Moulin Rouge. In equal measures it was hilarious and it was sad and it took you through this switching roller coaster without taking any prisoners. I found myself being opened up to about how one dancers manic depressive state was overcome by partaking in burlesque (and before the inevitable eye-rolls begin from some of you, think about how being able to hide behind a character and be appealing to others without having to say much can do a lot for someone bound by the shackles of depression.

It’s actually not so surprising that a strange story like that could easily translate into real life), I found myself wondering whether another was schizophrenic after giving up her life at home to elope, watching the relationship fall apart and winding up as an exotic dancer, but laughing all the way through – funny at first but after a while you’re not entirely sure you should be laughing. There was even a full frontal reveal which didn’t fail to take anyone by surprise.

The final run of this show for Burlexe is this Wednesday 25th April, and you can buy tickets here to see the same run that we did.

Good news if you’re all booked up for Wednesday however… Burlexe launches a new show and a new lineup really, really soon – and you should definitely be there. Watch this space!

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