As a new kid on the block to the editorial team here at The High Tea Cast, and writer for Home Sweet Home, I will be bringing you my thoughts and observations on family life, parenting, domestics and anything related to the home.  So what better way to introduce myself than dedicating my very first article to explain bit about how I became the mother that I am today.

Frantic Mum

Think of this as the first chapter in a gripping novel where the author starts to describe her characters and set the scene.  You will learn more about me as you read my posts and there will be many characters along the way I promise you, some I know well and some just randoms in the street who I have stopped and stared at in disbelief.

Let me take you back to when I had my first child 12 years ago.  I was promised an undying love and natural bond like no other.  I had read all the books and they all said the same, so it had to be true.  Well I looked but I did not find.  I reckon whatever fairy spreads that kinda dust swung right past my door.  I lay in hospital with this bundle next to me in a crib looking squashed and a little puce.  I glanced over a few times in between flicking through the channels on the TV….that was my introduction to motherhood. 

Over those first few days my life as I knew it turned flipside, with no sleep, no appetite, no dignity and quite frankly no idea.   I was reduced to many episodes of tears being told what I should be doing and “breast is best” and “baby likes this” and “baby needs that.”  As I left the ward to come home after lying through my teeth to the midwife about “how baby was being fed,”  I said goodbye to the nurse at the desk who had watched the comings and goings on in my room and she muttered these words to me quietly…”Don’t forget, mummy knows best.”  She gave me a knowing wink and I went on my way with my new family.  I have never ever forgotten those words and I still live by them today.

These words have ever since been at the forefront of my mind throughout motherhood and given me the confidence to bring up my children my way and not by the book, any book, and trust me there are millions of them out there; it’s a multi-million pound business cashing in on desperate mothers in their hour of need, looking for answers.  None of them come close to your own gut instinct.

I have learnt to gloss over the fluffy stuff and pick away at the softly softly approach and when people ask me how I did this and how I did that and what did I think of this, I tell them exactly how it is, perhaps not what they want to hear, but the honest truth.  I have been known to throw parental help books out of friends’ windows as their knuckles turn white with the grip on an object they feel has the answers to everything.  I have turned up at friends’ houses to visit them and their new born babies and before they have had a chance to say hello, I have managed to sum up how they are feeling in one word….shit, and watched as their shoulders slowly lower in relief that they are not alone. This is how I roll.

Sally behind a book

So to those readers who have children I bring you my candid, straight talking, frank and honest take on motherhood and domestic life.  I hope you will find it refreshing and comforting and perhaps even a little funny.  I can guarantee it will be real, up front and packed with a punch.  No fluffy cotton wool smoke screens or treading on egg shells here! Some may love me for it and some may not but I bet most will be able to relate to it. For those readers yet to start a family, this is the stuff every mother will wish she had read first, so take heed!

I will also be sharing with you my take on all things related to the home such as gadgets, decorating, style shopping, interiors and gardens.  You can trust me on this one, I qualify by default having managed to stay put in the same home for 15 years as a direct result of a perpetual decorating and redesigning scheme.  I do have to keep reminding my husband that this is much cheaper than moving house.  That said, I reckon I could probably have spent enough money to cover the cost of re-building the fire damaged wing of Windsor Castle, but that can be our secret right?

Until the next time, play nice kids!

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