So Barrack Obama has stated his belief’s that gay marriage should be legal in the USA and Cameron has been urged to share those views. Yes, the cynical part of me believes this is part of Obama’s campaign at an attempt to gain the youth vote. The rest of me has screamed from the rooftops, retweeted him twelve times and even developed a little bit of a crush on him (have you seen him slow-jamming the news?)

Thank fuck! A politician has finally stood up for gay marriage. Someone has let their politics get personal and that, of course, led me to make my next article a different kind of intimate to my usual exhibitionism or talk of vaginas.

I don’t want to kick off by pointing out that I have gay friends, or liberal views. I just want to strip the argument back to its bare bones. Why wouldn’t it make sense to get married, if you’re in love? Who actually has the right to question the love one person feels for another, regardless of gender? I don’t believe that anyone does. Really. I’m not stating anything original here, just something that some people need to hear.

The words “civil partnership” offend me a little, but maybe that’s down to my lack of religion. To me, a husband or wife is someone who loves their partner unconditionally. Not a legally binding contract. When I read about another celebrity divorce (Hi Kim Kardashian) or domestic violence issues (I dont need to name names here) I question the sanctity of marriage. I mean, what makes straight people so good at it?

When I look at a gay couple walking hand in hand, I feel that there is nothing to question. I sigh lovingly and wonder what their life together is like. I bet it’s romantic and passionate and I bet they fight sometimes, and love each other so much more every time they make up. That’s what my relationship is like, after all. Isn’t that every happy couple?

So yes, I am here to tell you that gay marriage is right and that if you don’t agree, we probably can’t be friends. Is that a little harsh? Possibly. I don’t think so, but I have this belief so engrained into who I am that it won’t change.

I’ve gotten a bit serious on you today guys, but sometimes it has to be done. In my studies, I focus on homosexuality and sexual violence. I spend most days reading about some horrific crime committed under the pretence of “cleansing humanity of evil” and other bullshit excuses. In this day and age, I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t wash.

I beg of you (as I usually do), rid humanity of these opinions instead. Don’t be indirectly responsible for hate crimes. Next time you see a gay couple holding hands, stare lovingly at them. Imagine them owning a cat or cooking dinner together. Before you know it, you’ll be smiling too.

Now, to ease the mood, have a video of Obama singing Al Green. And for once, think fuck yeah,  America.

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