So this little piece of outrageous news featured on Russell Howard’s good News in April and I felt compelled to write about it then, but time ran away with me. Reading about it again has thrust political issues to the forefront of my mind. Those in Egypt are especially pressing.

Currently in Egypt, the Islamic government are pressing to introduce “Farewell intercourse”; a law that allows a man to have sex with his wife for up to six hours after she dies. Excuse me but whaaat? This is a thing? Apparently so. A lot of groups are crazy pissed about it and I totally don’t blame them. If my husband demanded to right to screw my dead body I…wouldn’t have a choice in the matter, I suppose. I wouldn’t be able to say no, that’s for sure. But I wouldn’t be able to consent either.

So aside from the obvious ethical complications, there’s a consent question involved. It is certainly comparable to rape in my eyes; it might sound bold but you can never be too sure when permission is in question. Ethically, however, it’s also pretty bloody mental. Necrophilia is something that has never been tolerated. Even when bestiality was tolerated, as well as incest, dating back 200 years, penetrating a dead body has always been the most taboo subject of all! There have even been horror stories in which fucking a dead guy, has led to monstrous offspring. Now, who would want that?

How can it be a civil society when shit like this goes down? What’s worse, is that among this law they’re also planning to allow girls as young as 14 to marry. This reminds me somewhat of the Girl Effect. The girl effect is something that is increasing in momentum recently, and I find myself seeing it everywhere. It’s a beautiful campaign raising awareness for the effects of girls in countries with less of an economy and the effects of starting a family before they’re ready – as young as twelve. It’s a fantastic cause that has spread like wildfire and I highly suggest that you give it a Google.

So as well as fucking their dead wives, Egyptian men are also being given the opportunity to marry girls as young as 14. Which would suggest their legal age of consent is not often abided (a quick search shows me that officially, it is 18). It appears the biggest sexual issue Egypt is facing, is the archaic patriarchy which overlooks the needs of women and the importance of consent. Shit like this cannot go down.

On top of all these disgusting issues that are being implemented, that government is trying to retract a reform that was put in place a decade ago, allowing women to end abusive or unhappy marriages. When will this end?

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