I had one of those weeks recently where nothing went right. I got dumped, I lost my monthly travelcard (just a week after renewing it at a pretty £325, of course) and I’d noticed by bank account was in ruins again. There were tears and tantrums and so much stomping about that it’s a wonder I didn’t crash through my bedroom floor and through the lounge ceiling below.

Luckily for me, my mum is Wonder Woman, my colleagues are stupendous and of course I couldn’t ask for better friends. I was definitely going to be fine eventually, but sometimes it’s lovely to receive a little extra push – or indeed give one – to set you on the road to recovery/shave off a night of Ben and Jerry’s and Bridget Jones.

From the classically beautiful bouquet to a frickin’ stupendous surprise lunch, here are a few unique ways to cheer up your friends and make them feel that extra bit warm and fuzzy, and most importantly helping them considering skipping rebound sex.

Orange and white Interflora bouquet


Interflora are one of the leading online flower shops who have no problem with impromptu deliveries, and my goodness does a bouquet of these look bloody beautiful sat atop your desk. I definitely had to explain to a couple of people that they weren’t sent from a puppy-eyed admirer who couldn’t bear to be apart from me, but that was ok. Because they were from my wife. (Let’s face it, it’s basically true.)

Sam selected not one but two beautiful yellow, orange and white bouquets and a bonus box of Maison Fougere chocolates (they did not last long. I made the epic mistake of offering them around the office). They have an absolute ton of different floral collections, arrangements and styles to choose from, including a bunch of crazy awesome Rainbow Roses.

Interflora rainbow roses

Now we like to think we attempt to be thrifty here at HTC Towers, so if you’re looking to send your bestie a bouquet or get some pretty things delivered for the upcoming daddy’s day, we have a little discounted surprise for you. Click here to snaffle:

  • 7% off orders over £25 (valid until June 30th 2012)
  • 9% off Fathers Day gift orders (valid until June 10th)
  • 8% off romance gift orders (ooo-er! Valid until June 15th)
  • Free chocolates with selected flower and plant gifts (Valid until August 25th)
Go on – put a save some pennies putting a spring in someones step.


Our brand-spanking new writer Michelle Allen took pity on me being a miserable old bint and sent this little beauty my way. A biscuit that is a teapot. It’s beautiful, and I almost cried when I realised it would simply go to waste if I didn’t eat it:

Biscuiteers teapot cookie

This arrived at my work in a special little box, intricately decorated especially for me and frankly is the epitome of art on a biscuit. It was adorable.

Naturally, a polite giftee does not go snooping for prices, so you’ll just have to take a peek at the Biscuiteers website and accidentally lay eyes on all their other sugary goodies too…

Room Service

When the time came for me to do something back for the lovely Samantha, I was looking into cake (naturally). I quickly realised though that they were all hiding a sneaky £15 delivery charge, and for that price I may as well buy her a massive lunch and fill the bird up properly.

Oh HELLO Room Service!

This utterly fabulous site is registered with 65 restaurants all over London. You use their web page to choose from the menus of your favourite eateries (including Planet Hollywood, Firecracker and – our personal favourite – Sticky Fingers) and they will deliver it to your door. Currently this service is only available within the London post codes, but it is simply brilliant, plus the lovely Bridget from Room Service was an absolute diamond to me when I accidentally mucked up my debit card details. She also ensured that Sam saw no receipts or any price clue from her meal – just so helpful!

Needless to say, a bit of a stir was caused when the world’s fattest Pulled Pork Rib Sandwich, side of Fries and a Sticky Toffee Pudding turned up at her desk. I do love to cause a stir…

Pork Sandwich Sticky Fingers
This definitely won't be distracting from being busy and important...

The best bit? For a limited time, you can claim a 10% discount if you use their BETA site. How can you resist a deal as sweet as that?

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