Did they go to Ibiza? Back to the island? Not quite, though they did make an appearance at Essex University in 2007, so that’s nearly the same. But apart from that strange little comeback tour of suburban UK universities, what has become of this batch of Amsterdam-based 90s Europop… thing… since their split in 2001?


It’s actually really hard to find anything at all of lead singer Kim Sasabone between 2001 and now that isn’t a Vengaboys revival, but it looks like she has plodded around doing the odd snippet of guest reporting for smalltime Dutch TV shows. Hopefully though, she spent the majority of those last 11 years burning that assortment of crop tops and cargo pants. Even Mel B has ditched those now.

The remaining lady Denice van Rijswijk went on to form a new Europop group named Divas of Dance (nothing like a bit of 90s imagination), featuring none other than 2 Unlimited’s Anita Doth, T-Spoon’s Linda Estelle and 2 Brothers’ Des’Ray. What a mental collection of brief popstars. That she formed the fourth Davia of Dance is a fact we definitely know, but at what point she left them has us flummoxed. Possibly though it was around 2005 when she gave birth to her very blonde son Jayden, fathered by her long term husband whose name is… wait for it… Winston Post.

If she kept a straight face during those wedding vowels, she’s a goddess amongst women.

Denice and Winston

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Robin Pors was the original Vengaboy prancing about in a sailor costume, though he was replaced in 1999 by Yorkick Bakker after being given a two year prison sentence for noshing down on a load of heroin. Following his freedom and recovery, Robin had a bash at a solo album (it failed) and embarked on a journey through Dutch X Factor… well the first round of it anyway. Sorry mate.

And finally, we come to the cowboy of the group (I mean that in the most literal sense). What happened to Roy van Berger, owner of the world’s most perfectly sculpted beard? Well Roy lived that Venga dream. He grabbed his passport, boarded that Venga plane and… began the drinks service. He is now an air steward on KLM Airlines.

And if you don’t believe me, here’s a sneaky traveller shot by some genius somewhere of him carrying out the safety demonstration.

Roy Van Berger KLM airlines

As it happens, the Vengaboys have been touring again recently and released a new song called Rocket To Uranus. It’s shit. I’m not even gonna link you to it to save you the trauma. Instead, let’s kick back with a nostalgic best, and look on in horror as we realise that the video for Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! is massively endorsing prostitution. Enjoy!

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