I’m not a gym bunny. I hate the treadmill, despise the weight machines and the rower? Well, I’ve been known to swear at it before. I spent many a year trying to toil away at a gym, poured money into personal trainers and hated every last second. And resented every penny spent. I have since discovered that I love a good exercise class – circuits, power plate, cardio, aerobics. All of them. And I’ve also discovered that I like a good at home exercise DVD too – to help me on my fitness journey when getting out of the house is hard.

Enter 60 Second Promise – Full Body Fat Burn on DVD, ready to change up my routine and show me some new moves. I’ve been addicted to celebrity led exercise DVD’s for so long (or Jillian Michaels), that I was ready for a new fat burning challenge with different faces, different moves and just something that would drag my lazy ass out of bed on a grey, dark morning.


According to all the press that went with it, and the reviews on Amazon, this was going to be interval training at its hardest. It promised me results, fast (those sadly not for just 60 seconds a day – some promise huh?) and I didn’t need any equipment, so this immediately appealed. Just me, my body and two trainers on the screen. What could possibly go wrong?

The trainers behind the DVD Simone Dailey and Carl Prince,  have produced four 10 minute workouts to target every area of your body, which you can do as individual workouts, or all four at once –

  • Total Body Fat Blaster
  • Lower Body
  • Upper Body
  • Total Core

Alongside these there is a warm up and cool down, as well as a “Beat The Trainer” section including four challenges where you go head to head with the trainer, if you need to be pushed even harder. Not being at the peak of my fitness just yet, I stuck with the core workout and was pleasantly surprised but the results.

As mentioned, the premise behind 60 Second Promise is interval training. And interval training is not easy, but it is a known fact that it’s the most effective way of burning fat and achieving results quickly. Yeah you are going to pant and swear and scream (hello privacy of my own home!), but you don’t get results by sitting on the sofa watching it with a bowl of popcorn. Each of the 10 minute workouts are made up of four sets of 45/15 second bursts of activity which concentrate on the body part at hand (press ups, dips, squats, lunges) and these are known as the “hit it hard” sections. In case you were in any doubt, a klaxon goes off. These are then interspersed with 60 seconds of cardio activity to keep your heart rate up.

60 Second Promise DVD Screen Shot

Whilst this is interval training, don’t expect rest. This is seriously hard work and the proof was in the sweat. It was really easy to follow – if you are used to home exercise DVD’s you’ll be familiar with most of the moves, and the best thing – no choreography to learn, so this is brilliant for those with less space. I attacked the DVD all at once, and each 10 minute section seemed over really quickly. I was knackered, but there was enough to keep me interested for the full 40 minutes (not least Simone’s body – WOW.) Actually, it was awesome that Simone, as the female trainer showcased all the hard moves, whilst Carl kept it low. I kept thinking GIRL POWER all the way through and this spurred me on.

The results? Well I could barely walk the next day. Despite using only your body weight for resistance, this DVD gets you. Particularly the ab section, which I was pleased about as I feel that this could be easily slotted into to a normal routine to boost your core strength. I think I’d get bored if this was my only DVD or form of exercise, but it is a great addition to a fitness plan which can dial up your intensity and give you a little boost. I’m currently doing this at weekends, when I can’t get to my usual classes.

The 60 Second Promise is now available on Amazon for £4.49.

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