You should all ruddy well know who B*Witched are, but if for some reason you don’t, here is a brief history lesson.

B*Witched were a four-piece girl band hailing from Dublin (which we’re fine with, natch) who topped the UK charts multiple times in the late 90’s/early 00’s with only two albums -3 million sold- and infamously wrote this unbelievably catchy banger:

God, who else just got a full-blown dose of 90s nostalgia?

Alright. Now we’re up to scratch on the situation, let’s power through.

Since the separation of the band in 2002, the members have been involved in the music industry and/or have appeared in television shows. Here’s a breakdown of what they have been up to:


Lindsay Armaou: Tried her hand at going solo in 2003 and became involved in another band named Clayton in 2007. She married 911’s Lee Brennan in 2006 – which is a hilariously convenient pop pair to me. Otherwise, she appears to have disappeared off the face of the planet.

Lindsey B*Witched Lee 911
Yep. This happened.

Edele & Keavy Lynch: Both sisters continued within the music industry, Edele co-writing tracks around 2003 for Girls Aloud and Sugababes (that’s right, Girls Aloud and Sugababes were around almost ten years ago now and good lord dont I feel old) and Keavy performing as a lead role in a pantomime production of ‘Snow White’ in 2005 in Nottingham. In 2006,the sisters decided to form a band named ‘Ms. Lynch’ who went on to release tracks such as “Poppin In” and “Faith In Me.” Somewhat unfortunately, the two musicians are still not giving up and are currently involved in a new band called ‘Barbarellas’, making their debut in April 2011 by performing on Lorraine. I guess no one can say they haven’t fought to stick around.

If you’re curious, this is what they do now…

Regardless of what you think of their efforts in the pop music industry, the cherry on top is that Keavy is also a volunteer at the Make A Wish foundation. My utmost kudos.

Sinead O’Carroll – Sinead managed a girl band called ‘Minx’ until 2004 but has now set up a musical workshop for the youth called ‘Star Academy’. She has appeared in an Irish soap called ‘Fair City’ as a hotel receptionist, but now presents a make-over show in Ireland called Inside & Out. She is also a proud mother of baby daughter Lucie-Alkhar Rahman.

And there you have it. I am honestly chuffed with the girls determinations to stay in the music biz. Good on you B*Witched. C’est la vie indeed.

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