Last week, after several months of meeting various photographers, we finally booked one. Two actually. A lovely couple who understand exactly what we want AND can do a silly photobooth to keep the guests entertained. I’m genuinely hoping my nan will throw on an afro wig and an inflatable guitar in the photobooth.

What a relief.

Finding a photographer is a bit like dating. You’ll spend a lot of wasted evenings with oddballs, but when you meet the one(s)…you know

So, about to starting looking for a photographer? Here are five things you need to know…


In the last few months, we’ve met a couple of male photographers, a female double act and a couple. In general, a lot of the male photographers spoke directly to my fiancé, made patronising remarks to me and tried to get pushy with the sales tactics.  Seriously, it was just one step away from “Why don’t you run off to the kitchen and let us men talk things through”

Admittedly, my previous experiences of male photographers at weddings hasn’t been great. There was the one that demanded a group photo…in the rain. And the one that took all the photos in the ugliest part of the venue. And the one that barged into conversations and barked orders. Sod off mate.

In fairness, Peter understood how I felt after seeing the female duo who treated him in the same way I’d been treated.

So we compromised! A lovely couple who don’t take the pushy or patronising route.

‘Bonus’ engagement shoots

Y’know on Facebook when someone uploads twenty eleven photos of them and their beloved on their engagement shoot? Am I the only one who voms in their mouth a little when they see these? It’s a little…well, smug married really. Look at us! Look at how in love we are!*

A lot of photographers use these shoots as a sales tool, claiming they’re throwing it in for free and it’s a great way for us to get used to having photo taken. I’m 27. I know what to do when someone whips out a camera (run and hide, right?)

Extra! Extra! Costs…

“We have a fantastic packages, it’s only £1k and includes everything! Erm, unless you want photo albums. Or for us to stay beyond the welcome drinks. Oh, and did I mention travelling costs?”

Yeah, there are plenty of extra costs. And the cost of a photo album is MIND BOGGLING. Seriously, pass me a Pritt stick, I’ll do it myself.

Taking it personal

Friends and family will often come forward with recommendations and suggestions. This is wonderful. Unless you don’t go with their suggestion. In which case, some will take it personally. If you don’t go with their recommendation, you must have hated their choice/wedding, right? Er…wrong.

Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with anyone putting themselves forward, but I can only imagine how awkward that is!

To video or not to video?

There’s a bit of an ongoing debate at the moment about whether you should get a videographer. Some brush it off as a waste of money, while those that have had it tell of the joys of re-watching the video with their kids.

We’re getting my brother-in-law to do ours because a) it’s nice to have that personal touch and b) he’s free. That way we can watch it back in years to come and realise that actually, all the planning was totally worth it.

If you’re married, how did you find sourcing a photographer? 

(Image via Flickr user: potzuyoko)

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