Do you enjoy the little things in life?

It is a phrase we all hear time and time again – it’s all about the little things in life. When all the big things seem to be raining down on you, does that phrase mean anything? Does it annoy you? I’m not sure any of us ever want to hear those words when things are going wrong for us. It’s like “always look on the bright side of life” or the equally ridiculous “keep smiling“. I’m sure always said by well meaning people, but do they ever make us feel better?

Enjoy The Little Things

I wonder if there is any truth behind thinking about the little things. When you are sad or stressed or busy or angry, concentrating on other things that make you happy and make you smile does indeed make a lot of sense. Are we just waiting in vain for the big things to come and sweep us off our feet?

I worry that sometimes we don’t appreciate the amazing that is around us. Are we so used to the happily ever after that we see in films, the grand gestures that we read about in books and magazines that nothing else can make us truly happy? That makes me really sad. I feel like we have been sold a dream of only huge things being able to make us happy. Is our society now so shallow, are we so broken that small things that used to bring us pleasure don’t even touch the sides?

I’ve experienced my fair share of sadness and my fair share of stress. And really all I’m doing is waiting for something, anything to change up in my life to make it better. Sometimes things require a big life change or one of those grand gestures. But sometimes, it really is the little things, every day things that are all around us that can lift our mood.

Please Keep Off The Grass

There are some things which cannot help my raise the corners of my mouth into a smile. However small, these tiny things in life really do lift me to a better place when the chips are down.

  • My Starbucks barista putting a smiley face on my cup
  • A deep velvety glass of Malbec after a long day
  • The look that Mr S gives me of recognition and understanding
  • Cuddling up under a duvet with my kittens with the rain pelting outside
  • Seeing the humour in ever day life (like children playing next to a keep off the grass sign)
  • Freshly cut roses

Starbucks Smiley Face

These might seem inconsequential in the grand scheme of life. But maybe just taking a step back, looking at the world around us with different eyes can bring us a deeper joy than we realise.

What little things bring you happiness?

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