When I look around at the way some men around me are playing for my affections, I’m monumentally pissed off at what I see.

In recent weeks, I’ve encountered one guy asking me out at the same time as one of my friends (not the first time this has happened. In fact it’s the third, and none of these men have any idea that we girls do actually speak to each other sometimes, let alone update each other for a giggle at the guy’s expense. The most recent one is in for a shock, I can tell you).

I’ve also been approached for a date by friends of my exes – I mean, if they’ve cleared this with each other, thereby putting their friendship first, then fine. But somehow I doubt it. And of course I’ve had the good old fashioned flake out with the world’s most feeble excuse; “Sorry babe but I can’t go out tonight now, I need to book up for Ibiza with the lads.”

My boyfriend is a dick

I know you’re all mouthing the immortal words “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU” at me – and I know! As appalling as that film was, I’m happy to accept that I won’t be everyone’s bag (for want of a better word). 

But all of the above interactions were not provoked by me,  nor turned down as such.  If YOU asked ME out, why is it that I’m getting the runaround? You see, if you know me at all, you’ll be more than vaguely aware that I am upfront, straightforward and have very little time for arsing about. Why is that that you’re so anxious to come across as being too good to pay me any respect – looking like an utter knob in the process, I might add – before I’ve even slipped in to my first date dress? I’m not down with this modern day dating game, yet it seems like the more I start to treat the situation like a stereotypical man is presumed to, the more stereotypical female related my non-promising bachelor becomes.

Arguing man and woman

That said, I would never generalise. I know there are wonderful, honest boys out there who enjoy nothing more than open simplicity, and by the same token there are women who behave like muppets too. I pose my question to both genders: Do you really gain anything by acting like this and toying with emotions in this way? 

My honest opinion is that I think it’s pretty cruel. I’m sort of thankful that I learnt long ago not to indulge the ways of the attention seeker. To pick up and put down and cheat on people is mean, yet we seem to stand for it because this horrible treatment of the opposite sex is coined “The Dating Game”. I kinda find it more akin to Hunger Games rather than a healthy, constructive round of Scrabble if I’m honest, and I’m saddened by it. If this is how the dating scene is playing out, then I surrender – I have far better things to do than climb ladder after ladder just to happen upon a snake.

If you like the thrill of this spiky chase, then peruse rude arseholes if you want to. For those seeking love without being horribly burnt… Can I just suggest you stay honest for the sake of saving someone the confusion and heartache? It earns you much more respect, and you probably won’t have two girls laughing at you behind your back on an almost daily basis.

How do you keep dating pain free?

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