With the Olympics dominating all the headlines and TV channels, it’s easy for our usual excitement about the arrival of summer to get forgotten amongst the sporting legends, downpours of rain and train delays.

Summer Resolutions

So to get the summer back on track and to make it more enjoyable for non-Olympic athletes, I’ve thought up some easy summer resolutions (they aren’t just for New Years anymore) to help you get the most of the hot weather…if we get any.

Bring out the summer wardrobe

Personally, I would live in dresses all year round if I could (and I pretty much do), but the arrival of summer means you can finally ditch your long knitted jumpers, store away your leggings and show the world what was hidden underneath the layers of coats keeping you warm.

summer wardrobe

Like most people, I’m guilty of buying summer clothes and never wearing them again. Every now and again I convince myself this will be the year when I’ll show off in short shorts and brave a bikini, so I spend money I don’t have on clothes that inevitably gather dust at the back of the wardrobe, where only spiders get a chance to see how pretty they are.

So first resolution: Bring out ALL your summer gear and store away your winter clothes and Ugg boots out of sight for the next few months (or just throw them away, what were you thinking?). By making some room for your more summery attire, you’ll be ensuring that no flip flop or denim skirt gets wasted.

Go to the beach…well go outside in general

Being a geek, I can happily spend the entire summer sat inside watching movies or playing computer games, until I end up looking like a vampire extra from Twilight, so I know how easy it can be to spend days on end indoors and love every minute.

But you will eventually end up regretting it, and I should know. Despite living opposite a beautiful beach during my university years, I decided to watch DVDs in a dark room rather than venture into the sea, and it’s something I’ve always regretted.

Summer beach

Ever since then, I’ve had a desire to jump into the sea with all my clothes on. Dawson’s Creek always made it look really fun and not at all annoying, even you realise the water is (a) brown and (b) colder than a defrosting freezer.

But I’m finally trying to resolve these regrets by venturing outside this year, and arming myself with a funky pair of sunglasses and some cheap flip flops, and I’m dragging you all with me.

Can’t think of anything to do outside? Really? Well, why not go to a festival? Sitting in a field listening to great music/comedy/theatre/whatever culture floats your boat is the ultimate way to spend summer days, and whether you want to go down for a day or an entire week, there’s something to accommodate everyone (just remember to pack your wellies).

Festival virgin with no idea where to start? Then you need to head over to the HTC’s festival guides, from fashion to advice on general attitude, it’s got everything you need to know.

Host a BBQ

It’s something every Dad in the country secretly looks forward in the summer; cooking on a BBQ. Never has the ability to cook sausages outside and risk giving yourself food poisoning just so you can make dinner on a cheap grill given so much pride to so many people.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a massive BBQ fan, but this is only because no one has ever been stupid enough to ask me to cook one or even watch over while the host nips to the bathroom.

But if you’re a little bit more responsible than me, vow to buy yourself a BBQ (a cheap disposable one obvs), and get pre-cooked sausages to stick on there; that way you can impress your friends without worrying about making them sick, job done.

Take up a summer sport

If I’m being honest, I don’t even know what summer sports really are or what the difference is to any other sport. I just picture groups of attractive people playing volleyball, having a few rounds of tennis before going rafting, but it all looks really fun, and it’s great way to keep fit too apparently.

Plus, with the arrival of the Olympics, it’s never been a better time to have a, “can’t beat them, join them” attitude…unless you can run faster than Usain Bolt…then you should probably be joining them.

And I leave you with the ultimate summer tune to help you with your summer resolutions…

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