So, the wedding dress has been bought. I actually managed to score one in the closing down sale of my local wedding shop, and am resisting the urge to try it on everyday. Just about.

With the dress bought, It’s easier to focus on getting fit for the wedding with a visual in mind. I’ve been working out with a personal trainer a couple of times a week, as well as on my own (doing the 30 Day Shred the girls have previously reviewed), and eating a healthy diet. Nothing crazy. Y’know, less chips and lard, more veg and protein, that sort of thing. Less crap, more good stuff.

The weird thing is, there’s quite an odd response when I turn down the cake. Some people have had a go at me, telling me I shouldn’t have to lose any weight just because I’m getting married. Or try to force unhealthy food on me or persuade me to skip a fitness session. I call them health saboteurs.

Here’s the thing: at a size 16 (and 5ft 4in) I know I should embrace my curves, love my shape and ignore the  pressure to slim down. But the reality is, I’m not healthy. I’m unfit.  If you’re a size 16, happy with your shape and your stats are relatively healthy, great! But I’m not. My fat percentage rivals a pork scratching. My BMI is embarrassing. If I can become a fit and toned size 12 again, I’ll be treating my body with a lot more respect. This isn’t about achieving Cosmopolitan’s definition of ‘slim’.

Long-term health

And y’know that line ‘for sickness and health’ in the wedding vows? I’d rather spend more of our marriage doing the health thing than the sickness thing. The heavier I get, the more unhealthy I become. so this weight loss and fitness thing is a long-term goal. The wedding just happens to be a great motivator.

There are other motivators too. I recently read that if you want your freelance business to be the best it can be, you need to invest in yourself to make yourself the best you can be. Makes sense really. We invest in every other part of our lives, so why not invest in being as healthy as you can be?

I’ve also got a little sister who puts me to shame by regularly doing half marathons for charity, and is climbing Mount Kilamanjaro next year. I’d love to join her on one of those runs, rather than watch from the sidelines.

Plus I have a whole wardrobe of clothes from when I was a size 12 three years ago. I used to actually wear hot pants.

Emma Cossey Hotpants

Perks of being healthy

Oh, and I’m loving exercising. Maybe not loving it the whole time I’m actually doing it, but I love how strong I feel after just a couple of months of working out. And how I can run up the stairs without dying. And how I have much more energy. And how I no longer have back boobs. Back boobs suck. I’ve also noticed that regular exercise has improved my mood and confidence levels.

So yes, I am slimming down to get into a wedding dress. And there is an element of vanity, in that I want to look good. But I’m mainly getting fit so I can enjoy a long and healthy marriage, put my best into my business and feel good. Isn’t that a pretty good motivator?

What about you? Did you feel pressure to slim down for your wedding? Or do you struggle with health saboteurs? 

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