Everybody wakes up feeling less than fabulous sometimes. Not enough sleep, your least favourite day of the week, instant realisation that the day ahead is one to be dreaded or simply a crappy mood inflicted by nothing but shared with everybody who crosses your path.


Sometimes we can all use a little push to help us feel at least slightly better about our day and I’ve come to discover quite the handy routine for myself to make sure I have a decent day whether I want one or not. Here are five ways to help you feel good today – and every day!

Get up earlier

Unless your sleep is already limitted, I stress very much. Nobody’s going to get me up early if I haven’t had my eight hours. If you’re well rested, however, try getting up half an hour earlier. And don’t spend that time on Twitter. Eat a decent breakfast minus the rush, take the time to get ready and do something relatively productive (it’s early, after all). Make your to-do list for the day, week or month for that matter. Have a quick workout. Tidy up your desk. Or just sit and read a good book with the company of a cup of tea and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Plan something

Arrange coffee with a friend or plan a day out. Even if you’re planning months in advance, you’ll feel giddy simply because you know you have something fun to look forward to. If you can make some time, take a friend out to lunch or dinner. Something as simple as a delicious meal that doesn’t involve cooking or washing up on your part can perk up your whole day and the good company is always a mood boost. All work and no play makes for unsatisfying days.

Wear something you feel good in

It’s inevitable, we feel good when we look good. It’s nice to look pretty. Opt for the outfit you always feel at your best in, with your prettiest set of underwear underneath and be content with knowing that no matter how boring the day job may be and how horrid the weather is outside, you look freaking hot.

Eat well

Eat healthy, feel healthy and all that. Get enough of the grub that’s good for you. That said, allow yourself at least one treat at some point each day. A muffin with your coffee, a bag of popcorn to go with the late night movie, an ice-cream on the way home from work. It’s not going to hurt. A day can easily be made better with a handful of life’s little pleasures, so make food one of them.

Ice Cream CupCake

Do something just for fun

Make it a wonderful combination of enjoyable and relaxing; something to help you wind down after a long day at work, but not the crap you find on the TV. Watch that film the whole world has been raving about, curl up with a good book, paint something just because. Try to do something every day that is simply for you, even if it’s a simply bubble bath with the addition of new body scrubs and lotions.

We all know what tends to perk us up when we need a lift and guarantee us a good day and I’d loooove to hear yours. My list would also involve a Starbucks, some good music (and when I say good, I mean terrible), red lipstick and a few good deeds on my part. What about you?

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