I have a bit of a reputation in my office. Not happy with taunting me about being the new girl, the entertainment editor at the newspaper I intern at has taken it upon himself to give me a new nickname. I get it… everyone in the office has a nickname and I wouldn’t be any different. So forget all the play on words of my name, let’s just thrown me in at the deep end and christen me Grave Robber. Yes, Grave Robber.

Tom Daley
No need to thank us.

Considering I’m in a relationship with a man eighteen years my senior, I kind of get it. But then I began to think and surely I must fancy some men my own age? I know I’ve professed my sexual desire towards daytime TV Super God Jeremy Kyle and I’d give Wiggo a good go but there must be some men in their early twenties I fancy?

And I’m stumped. I quite like James from Geordie Shore but I think he’s the type who would laugh me into bed rather than someone whose clothes I’d want to rip off out of pure lust.

Whilst I don’t think I’m of the age where I’d be considered a cougar, younger men feel alien to me. Harry Styles and his teenage spots? No thanks. Tom Daley saying he can’t see you tonight because he’s studying for his A-Levels? Not exactly sexy.

But everywhere around me seems to be women my age and older shagging or shacking up with men in their early twenties and teens. Caroline Flack, Melanie Sykes (lolz) and my mate Fiona who recent broke up from a guy ten years her junior. She was 29, he was 19 and they lived together until recently.

Maybe I’m just used to having a man who knows his way round a kitchen, brings home a decent salary and can still teach me a ton of things in the bedroom despite all the years we’ve been together. Perhaps I was destined to be a Grave Robber for the rest of my life?

I’m sure there are some younger men who do have killer bodies, who are in senior positions at work and who can dominate me into a quiver but I’m yet to be attracted to one.

Is this younger man obsession just a trend? Have we all been blinded by Tom Daley’s, er, medal? Do you think younger men are attractive or, like me, are they just a no-go?

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