Market research is a terribly serious and technical thing. Anyone who did a seminar on statistical analysis at university knows that it’s nothing to be taken lightly, right? Weeeeeeeeeellllll * mischievous face*, I happen to think that free survey tools are asking to be used and abused. Never before have we had so much access to crowd sourced opinion so why not use it for something fun! That’s why I put the shout out on twitter and facebook asking “If you could ask people anything what would you ask” and below are the results.

I did this baby using Google Docs forms where you can put together an unlimited amount of questions and send the live link to people using pretty formats (or just embed it as we have below) and see your spreadsheet fill up with answers. You can also use the brilliant and easy to play with Survey Monkey but they limit you to 10 questions on the free version and I just had too many good ones.

So please, indulge us. Take a second to fill in the answers below, encourage others to get involved and even post more questions in the comments so we can create a whole new survey! Stats at Uni was never this much fun 🙂


If you could ask people anything…

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