It’s utterly unbelievable to me and that little blonde co-host of mine that the European Podcast Award is rolling around again. After the 2011 nominations, we came in at an easy-breezey 19th place in the personality category throughout the entirety of Europe. And that was after a mere 3 episodes had gone live, while we still watched our fluctuating iTunes stats like hawks waiting on the response from you lovely lot.

European Podcast Award
Now, at 13 episodes down the line (soon to be 14), those pods grew and flourished, establishing themselves a fan base, thousands of listens and the foundations of this here online magazine. Oh, and that radio show we got given on Hoxton Radio. Clearly we’ve come a long way and done some crazy things on this very public roller coaster; If you’ve ever enjoyed our audio antics, we’d love to know about it – and we’ll pledge eternal adoration for anyone who pops a vote our way for the 2012 European Podcast Awards.

Once again we’ve been nominated into the personality category, and are up against some truly brilliant names. Not unusually we are one of the few female-led shows, so let’s show them what the ladies are made of eh? Click here to vote for us, and strike a blow for female podcasters everywhere.

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