Sarah and Sara from Buttonbag give us a lesson in crafting.

Sorry dear listeners and readers. Just. Sorry. We disappeared in September, and it wasn’t because we got too drunk at Reading Festival (well we did, but that is another story) or because we don’t love you. We were handed our very own super swish radio show over on Hoxton Radio, and we had to prep and plan for our first few stints as High Tea Hoxton. (If you fancy listening to our first live shows, have a listen to September and October).

BUT. We are back, and this time we are getting all our materials and threads and yarns and getting our craft on. A perfect autumnal activity, spot on for present making of the Christmas variety every type of craft is open to Team Tea approval. Whether it is knitting in front of a fire (or homeland), sewing up a party dress or hand making paper gifts, craft is having a resurgence and we are FULLY on board!

We’ve got:

  • Discussion on our crafty history, and our best craft mishaps
  • Our regular newscaster Simon Button tells us about the make do and mend trend
  • We interview a duo revolutionizing the making stuff trend Sara & Sarah, the authors of new book ReCraft.
  • Pottery fan and High Tea regular Darrell Jean Baker gives us a tutorial on making a tea cup
  • A cheeky Cornish slice of cake courtesy of Dolly’s Tea Room in Falmouth
  • And finally,  we are played out by cool rockers Vice Like Grip
The HTC gals will also be sharing some secrets and opinions of their own, and bringing bants a plenty!

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Get your craft on with The High Tea Cast in October!!

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