My Olympic romance – much like a holiday – has come to an end. It is a shame because it was full of the sentiment that would not have been out-of-place in an advert for Werther’s Original. However, you cannot force something to happen. When you attempt to construct a relationship involving distance with someone you barely know, it proves to be a strain: particularly when one person is more involved and committed than the other.

I suppose in future I should be more careful in keeping my feelings under wraps and not let guys get too close to me. I’m one of those people that wears his heart on his sleeve – and ends up getting hurt in the process.

I just want to find a man that wants to look after and be with me as much as I would for him.

I heard on the ‘Brighton-gay-grapevine’ that I have a reputation as a player. When I heard that, I actually laughed out loud. Properly.

A player? By definition that would mean playing one guy against another and actually having a lot of ‘balls in the air’. Having a set of additional balls to ‘play with’ would be a good start!

Tennis Balls

Believe me, once I’ve found a man that I deem worthy of me, I will not let him go. Friends and family know me too well – I’m a stubborn bugger. When I set my sights on something, I make it happen.

I decided to try to make things happen on Sunday by popping onto the internet to find a date. This ‘date’ ended up being a couple of nights later. What a mistake…!

I met him and he had a voice like tin scraping against metal. In the restaurant (restaurant? why did I want to spend time alone with this man?!), he spoke so loudly that the mid-week diners were looking over at the curious tone to his voice. He was irritatingly flamboyant and spoke in such a way that it sounded like his tongue was too big for his mouth. This was not a good date. He told me how much he enjoyed shopping (I hate shopping), but the final nail in the date’s coffin was when he laughed when we discussed careers and told me that education didn’t matter. Apparently, he felt that his job was ‘probably more stressful’ than mine and he was earning a good living.

Good for him – however, I want to spend my time with people that enjoy learning and recognise the effort that goes into getting a university education. When he tried to kiss me at the end of the evening, I managed to duck away and feign ‘garlic breath’; before getting into my car and driving away at break-neck speed!!

Men are complicated creatures, but to understand them you have to first understand yourself and what your needs are. This makes things difficult when you want to loved and cared for. Now is not the time; however, I can sense that my Mr Right is getting nearer.

But, until that happens, at what point do you admit that you are trying too hard…?

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