I currently work as a freelance PR, Copy Writer, Blogger and Social Media geek.  I thought I would give you all a little insight as to how I got here.  It has been no walk in the park I can tell you, but lessons in life and challenging, it most certainly has!

When I was at school a few decades ago, you know, just before the dinosaurs became extinct?  I say this as only yesterday in the car my daughter asked what a youth was. I answered with “a young person, someone who is in their youth.”  To this she replied “Ha! Not you then!”  So where were we?  Oh yes way back when… I was ushered in to see the careers advisor.  Now I think they call them Connexions or something.  So the lady asks me what I would like to do as a career.  I clearly explained I would like to go into journalism, love for the English language, somewhere close to home.


This is then followed by a whole heap of return questions and in summary she announced that a course in town and country planning in Edinburgh would be most suitable!  I live in the South of England.  This woman, in my opinion, single handedly cost me 25 years of doing what I truly love and hopefully have some form of talent in, no matter how small.  Admittedly if I had felt strongly enough I would have ignored her and followed my dream, but hey, at 15 I was vulnerable and easily led, (a phrase popular with my teachers who used to like to scatter it amongst my report cards, meanies!)  

So from this point forward with my mind filled with doubt and indecision I saw little point in going to university to study a random subject I had no interest in.  I spent the next 25 years meandering from job to job, industry to industry, constantly searching for “my thing”.  I can boast over 25 jobs including, bank clerk, help desk administrator, travel agent (didn’t last a week), sales administrator, training co-ordinator, marketing assistant, customer service advisor, quality assistant, receptionist, swimming instructor and many more.  I would learn a job and quickly become bored and move on.  I even did this within one company and was nick named “the serial jobseeker!”

None of them quite “flicked my switch” as I would say.  None of them until now.  After being encouraged to start my own blog Toddstars Tales, now Sally At Large, I can safely say I have found my thing!  My love of writing has directed me into a career I love, working for people who want and need my writing skills and my bubbly personality.  So what was the gal in the office who was known as the gossip queen who scribed a few witty Facebook updates, I am now I am lucky enough to be writing for you all here at The High Tea Cast doing what I love best and running a successful freelance business.

But you know, I won’t dismiss those 25 years as wasted time.  In those years I met my husband and we have had two wonderful children (take note this is probably the only time I will be so gushing about them) ….and all those jobs???  Those jobs are my life experience and have armed me with insight and knowledge into a whole host of professions and industries, which now I am a writer, enable me to write about just about anything!  So although I have just about come full circle from 25 years ago, the main thing is I got there in the end… and here I am!

Not found your thing yet? Don’t panic, you will and probably when you least expect it.

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