Now a days, people seem to think you need a fancy art degree or qualification to do art, but not with melting crayons! I never took art as a GCSE, the closest I got was finger painting in primary school, and even then I wasn’t that good at it!

Wax Crayon Art 1

But that didn’t stop me from having a go at it. I quickly found that I wasn’t amazing at drawing, painting or even colouring (and I even take geography, so that’s saying something!) but melting crayon art is an easy and quick way to dip your feet into the creativity pond, and here I’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to make your own artwork!

You will need

  • a blank canvas
  • an array of coloured crayons
  • cardboard
  • paint
  • binbags or old sheets (it can get messy)
  • hairdryer
  • strong glue
To make

Firstly, if you want to have an image on the canvas, which the crayons are melting around or over, draw this on the canvas, and paint it! Then make sure you have the same shape cut out on cardboard, which you can stick over the top to protect it from the wax. If not, you can skip straight to the second step!

Secondly, lay out the crayons in colour order (or any other pattern if you wish) and then using glue (I’d suggest superglue for quick reliable sticking-but try not to stick your fingers together, they’re a pain to get unstuck!) and stick the crayons to the canvas.

Wax Crayon Art 2

Then, lay out old sheets or anything to protect your area from stray wax droplets, and plug in your hair dryer for melting time! (if you have a painting on the canvas, cover it up now). Start at one end and slowly make your way across the colours and watch as they start to melt in seconds to create a cascade of colour on the canvas. As the colours travel further down the canvas, make sure you follow the wax to get a full coverage of colour; it’s very easy to manipulate the wax to go where you’d like. This is where the painting comes into full effect. Using the hair dryer, push the wax to go around the painting, to create a raining effect almost. You can truly make some beautiful pieces of art, and it’s so easy to do!

You can also use masking tape to create patterns, words or images on the canvas, which the wax will melt over, but as soon as you peal the tape off, it reveals a beautiful piece of art.

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