This is the first year that I’ve bought a full-sized Christmas tree, and it seems that huge trees equal lots of decorations. My tree has a fair few blank spots and, being a bit strapped for cash this Christmas, I decided to make some decorations from last year’s haul of red and green felt and thread. Making decorations yourself is simple, and the best part is you can create any shape that you’d like, in any colour and in any size!


The main thing missing from my tree was something to top it with so I decided to go for a Mexican sugar skull. Very Christmassy, eh?

You’ll need:

Squares of felt
Contrasting bright embroidery thread
A length of thin ribbon if you’d like to make hanging decorations
Various embellishments if you’d like to use them – beads, sequins, buttons, charms… anything you like/have laying around.

First, decide on the basic shape you’d like to make. You could make stockings, hearts, holly, deer, presents, teacups, anything! Put two sheets of felt together and cut out two identical shapes.

Take one of the shapes and add any embellishments that you’d like to on the outside. For the sugar skull I cut some flower-shaped eyes and sewed them on with star shaped embroidery in the centre, added an embroidered mouth, stitched beads on to the forehead to create a flower pattern and added a beaded upside-down heart nose.

Do the same to the other side if you’d like a double-sided decoration, and place them together with the embellished sides facing outwards. If you’re creating a hanging decoration, poke a loop of ribbon between the felt at the top and pin together. Using a blanket stitch in a contrasting thread, sew the two pieces together around the outside – don’t forget to leave the bottom open if you’re creating a tree-top decoration. If you are, blanket stitch around the opening on each side of felt separately.


Hang it on your tree, and admire! The decorations also make great gifts – why not sew a set to give away? You can get creative and sew anything you like. You could sew blanket-stitch-edged felt chains, large stockings with embroidered names or initials to hold presents or an advent calendar with little pockets to hold chocolate. You could even fill your hanging decorations with cushion stuffing to make them nice and plump. Enjoy!


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