To some, crafting might be seen as twee but I’m here to put the record straight. Sure there is a lot of craft that involves embroidering daisies onto doilies but there are also a lot of badass crafters out there creating amazing things using the medium of craft that is far from twee.

Knit the City - Phonebox Cosy
Image source: Deadly Knitshade Flickr

From guerilla knitting to subversive cross stitch, for every Kirstie Allsopp out there, there is also a badass crafter, crafting up a storm. Crafters like Mr X Stitch and Urban Cross Stitch (who I’d also like to point out are both men) are making cross stitch cool and I love that.  Guerilla knitting and yarnbombing has increased in popularity and it’s not uncommon now to walk down the street and see a little knitted garden in the place of a paving slab or a teeny tiny knitted cosy wrapped round a lamp post. Deadly Knitshade – the knitting alter ego of Lauren O’Farrell who founded Knit the City – is now infamous for yarnbombing a phonebox in parliament square as well as a whole host of other graffiti knitting.

The preconception that crafting is twee can in fact work in its favour sometimes. Subversive cross stitch for example, is so powerful because you expect cross stitch to be of country cottages or Yorkshire terriers so when presented with letters spelling out ‘cunt’ or ‘fuckwit’ it makes the impact that much more effective.

Guilty As Fuck Cross StitchImage source: Subversive Cross StitchNo longer do you just have to crochet a blanket in baby pink – you can now crochet skulls or dissected frogs! Crafters have become amazingly creative in what they are making – down to the finest detail.

Amigurumi skulls

Image source: Skulls & Ponies Flickr

Craft Frog

Image source: Crafty Hedgehog

Of course, crafting doesn’t have to be quite this extreme not to be considered twee. There are many amazing and talented crafters creating beautiful pieces that aren’t so ‘out there’ but are still a million miles away from old ladies knitting Christmas jumpers. Lucky Jackson for example set herself the challenge of doing an embroidery portrait for 365 days and created some absolutely stunning pieces. These days there is a very fine line between what is considered crafts and what is considered art – and often the two are incredibly interlinked.


Image source: 365 Lucky Days

And of course, some people are using craft for the greater good. The Craftivist Collective aim to promote slow burning political activism through the medium of crafts. Getting people thinking about the bigger picture and how they can make a difference through stitching, knitting and sewing.

Our clean street art #imapiece jigsaws @ Tabernacle St nr Old St. Take chalk & fill them with inspiring messages!

Image source: The Craftivist Collective Flickr

So the next time someone questions the street cred of crafting – whip them up their very own subversive cross stitch or show them a piece of guerrilla knitting – they’ll soon change their tune.

fuck off quilt

Image source: Knotty Gnome

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