Following on from my post on celebs who can do one in 2013, I’ve got an inventory of things that can stay in 2012.

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X Factor

2012’s X Factor has had it’s worst ratings ever. It seems as if the format has reached the end of its TV life, and people are bored of sob stories and manufactured looks. How about we encourage more TV programs that actually inspire young people?

Petrol prices

At what point do we turn around and say ‘ENOUGH!’ about the rising cost of petrol prices? Especially as such a large percentage of the price goes on Duty and Tax. There must be a point we’ll hit when commuting to work is no longer financially viable, and it’s causing a huge strain on businesses. Which brings us to…


Politicians often struggle to connect with the general public. This may possibly be because the average politician is…

  • Male
  • White
  • Middle-aged
  • Highly educated at the best schools
  • Wealthy
  • Swindlers – remember the expenses scandal?
  • Sexist
It’s no wonder the general public can’t connect with them, when they’re so unconnected with the real world. Additionally, it would be easier to support our politicians if we didn’t have to witness them all childishly making jabs at each other and jeering each other in the houses of parliament, rather than making actual important decisions.

Sexist adverts

Oh lordy. The number of TV adverts at Christmas with a sexist, stereotypical theme was ridiculous. Most adverts concentrated on how the mothers are running around looking after everyone at Christmas. Can we cut this out now, The Media? You’re reinforcing the idea that women should do all the work at Christmas, and men should be left to sit in front of the TV with a beer.


I don’t really hate 3D TV. I just don’t really see it taking off. As wonderful as the technology is, how many people want to watch TV through ridiculous glasses every night?

The phrases ‘I’m not being rude’ and ‘No offense’

Actually, you are being rude. And I am offended. Starting your conversations with these phrases doesn’t work as a disclaimer.

Rubbish couriers

I’ve been shopping online for around ten years. I don’t think I’ve ever had great service from courers. I have however, experienced couriers lying about delivering, throwing my deliveries into the garden in the rain (except, you can’t access our garden so it was next door’s) and putting a ‘sorry we missed you’ note through my door without bothering to knock/ring the door bell – and I was in all day.

Couriers of the UK! Sort it out.

Bodycon Dresses

1% of the population look good in bodycon dresses. Yet 60% of the dresses on the high street are in this style.

Pass me a trusty tunic dress. And something to eat.

Passive Aggressive Facebook statuses

Oh, you’re annoyed with someone on your Facebook feed? But don’t want to tell them directly? Why not post a passive aggressive status that leaves everyone in your feed feeling paranoid that it’s about them. How marvellously grown up.

(That’s not to say I don’t occasionally feel the urge to vent on social media. I tend to vent to the cat instead)

Pinterest diet saboteurs

Day three of the diet and I’m doing well. Hurrah! Think I’ll just pop on Pinterest…

Oooh an Oreo brownie recipe!

Well, can’t hurt to bake a little selection of them

*Cooks brownies. Throws all of the baked goods in face*

Screw you Pinterest.

What would you prefer not to see again in 2013? 

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