It’s safe to say we are a generation that has never really grown up. Whether we’re throwing angry cartoon birds on our phones, wearing pandas on our heads or riding an imaginary pony while dancing to Gangham Style, a lot of us suffer from the Peter Pan effect – never really growing up.

Peter PanThis can often involve surrounding ourselves with things and occasions that allow us to relive our childhood, even if just emotionally. Here are some things you’ll never grow out of.


Whether you’re 9 or 90, there’s something exciting about your birthday. An entire day dedicated to YOU, where you’ll receive cards, gifts and more importantly, plenty of attention.

And while you may have grown out of having jelly and ice cream races and Postman Pat shaped cakes (ok, maybe not the latter), there’s no better feeling than hearing a group of your nearest and dearest singing Happy Birthday at the top of their lungs with an alcoholic beverage in hand.

Although some of the party games may change as you get older (pass the parcel becomes pass the tissue to the crying girl who’s become another year older), the child-like excitement you feel when your birthday is a mere month away never really changes.

The above can also be applied to Christmas, which is like a birthday but with more tinsel, turkey and awkward family games.

Children’s films

There’s something about children’s films (particularly Disney) that will forever trap you into your childhood.

Whether you watch kids movies drunkenly, semi ironically or watching them with kids all over again with fresh eyes, watching children’s movies can seem truly magical.

And it’s not just watching these movies that can fill you with excitement. Drunkenly singing “A Whole New World”, pretending you’re Ariel when you go swimming and recreating that classic spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp can make you reminisce back into childhood without even watching the movies.

It’s not something that’s exactly gone over Disney’s head either, as they release, re-release and then take away their classics on DVD like they’re taking lollypops from a small screaming child that’s already had too much sugar.

And don’t pretend you haven’t recreated “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King using all your teddy bears.

Bad pop music

No matter what decade you’ve grown up, everyone has experienced bad pop music in their lives. Whether you went to Club Tropicana with Wham, reached for the stars with S Club or felt the tragedy with Steps, it’s been a part of everyone’s childhood.

And while you may want to be snobby and claim you hate these cheesy tunes or will only dance to them while intoxicated, we all know that this claim is a downright lie.

Listening to pop music is like stepping into a TARDIS, transporting you to another time, a time of childhood, where it didn’t matter if you knew all the dance moves to a Gina G track or could sing all the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby because you were 10 and nobody really cared.

And if you thought that nobody would raise an eyebrow or reign in a smirk when you mentioned that you still love the Spice Girls or regularly jump around your room to Busted, then you probably will never grow out of enjoying their music in the first place.

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