I’m usually one for making lots of New Year’s Resolutions and only vaguely sticking to them for 3 weeks, but this time around I’m doing things differently. Since 2012 was (thankfully!) a very busy year in terms of design work, I’ve not had the chance to do any projects just for me. I think it’s important to do projects just for fun, so in 2013 I’m starting a creative challenge.

Creative challenge

Every day, I have to create one thing. It can be anything; a quick sketch, a typographic poster, a bit of inked calligraphy… the only criteria is that  it needs to be added to a sketchbook or my Dropbox folder. Now, I know on a busy day that the temptation will be to just draw a quick sketch of my bedside lamp before I go to sleep, but my boyfriend is under strict instructions to not let me get away with that. He’s even going to set me a project a few times a week so that I get taken outside of my comfort zone.

Every week, I’ll collect all seven projects and display them on my blog. My hope is that after a few weeks or months, I’ll have a huge stash of starting points for bigger projects, or for inspiration for my paid work. It’s been years since I filled up a sketch book, and I’m really looking forward to getting mucky with some art materials again. I may even give each month a different theme, something to generate ideas around. I’m also hoping that along the way it’ll give me some great ideas for birthday and Christmas presents, and maybe even some designs for cards and other products that I can sell.

It’s a simple idea – why not have yourself a more creative 2013, too? It doesn’t have to be drawing – you could vow to do a bit of a craft project every week, whether thats a 20 rows of that blanket you’re crocheting, making a little piece of jewellery, putting together a homemade card or making some jam. How about a resolution to read a chapter of a book every day, or to write a chapter of your own book every week?

Have a happy, creative and fun 2013, and let us know what your creative challenge will be!

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