There are many tough decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding. Who to invite? Where to hold the reception? What dress to buy?

But the hardest decision so far, has been about the First Dance song.

Wedding First DanceThere’s a lot of pressure on that one song. The wording has to be perfect, the beat and tune have to be easy to dance to and you can’t have the same song as anyone else that has got married recently. It has to be a song that you won’t hear every time you turn on the radio. It’s a bit like choosing a baby name – each one you suggest will conjure up a bad/weird memory for the other partner.

I know a lot of couples have a couple song. We don’t really, at a push it would probably be something cheesy like Mustang Sally or Will Smith’s Will2k – the kind of songs you can belt out when you’re driving somewhere. Not entirely sure it’s First Dance material.

There are a number of cliche wedding songs that usually make most lists:

Cliche wedding songs

  • I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston. Pretty much impossible to dance to.
  • You’re Beautiful, James Bunt. Just… No, people.
  • Angels, Robbie Williams.
  • The Way You Look Tonight, Tony Bennett (Actually, I like this one)
  • When I Fall In Love, Nat King Cole (And this one. They’re classics for a reason)
Lovely enough, but nothing there we can agree on.
The husband-to-be is really keen on Endless Love by Diane Ross. Erm…I’m not really a fan. So I’ve been busy creating Spotify playlists of potential songs for us to listen through. Admittedly, it’s a weird mix. A Thousand Years from the Twilight soundtrack sits next to the Mario Kart Love Song and Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls. I’m half tempted to throw the Superman dance in there.

It’s not just the song you have to consider either. In recent years, there’s been a change to the First Dance approach. Now, it’s almost expected to have a choreographed number. My sister had a beautiful old school dance, while another friend did a megamix of dances.

I’m pretty sure this inspired it.

[youtube]You’re even supposed to dance down the aisle these days (my bridesmaids are trying to convince me to Gangnam Style it).

[youtube](admit it, you’re grinning like a maniac after watching that, right?)

While this dance looks fantastic in my head, I haven’t really countered in the fact that I’m not the greatest dancer. Or even the funniest. I’m typically British in that I’m riddled with dancing inhibitions.

Nope, as wonderful as these dances are, it’s probably best to keep it simple.

So, I want to know from all of you who are married! How did you choose your First Dance song?

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