With a little over a month to go until Eroticon 2013, the UK’s conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers I thought I’d take you behind the scenes and give you the view from the organiser’s desk.

Over the last ten or so months I’ve sweet talked speakers and sponsors to commit their time and support to the conference.  I’ve tweeted, facebooked, emailed and G-plussed to try and raise awareness.  There have been newsletters, guest posts and press releases sent out and tears, hair pulling and celebratory dances when things go wrong or go right.


Meanwhile, out there in delegate land, you’re deciding which sessions to attend, what to wear and where to stay, so for a moment I’m going to imagine that I’m a delegate and can spend all of Eroticon 2013 soaking up learning, networking and fun rather than panicking, saying stupid stuff, talking about my daughter’s knickers (a low point of last year) and telling people where the loos are.

What sessions am I looking forward to?

I am looking forward to the creative writing sessions and sex education sessions.  Creative writing workshops are a must for all writers, however experienced.  Learning new skills and honing old ones as well as listening to other’s ideas is a great way to nurture our creativity and something I don’t do enough of.  You’ll find me in at least two if not three of the creative writing sessions.  I’m a parent and the importance of sex education for young people and adults is something I care about so you’ll find me in the sex education sessions learning about how I can use my messages to communicate effectively about sex and sexual health.

Who are you looking forward to meeting?

I am looking forward to renewing the friendships that I made last year and I particularly want to spend more time talking with Molly Moore (@mollysdailykiss). I’m really looking forward to finally hearing from Guy New York (@quickiesnewyork) in the flesh (albeit via Google Hangout) and getting an opportunity to say “hello and thank you” to Vena Ramphal (@venaramphal) for being my personal cheerleader this year.

What is your top tip for Eroticon 2013 delegates?

Bring an open mind and your business cards and don’t be afraid to talk to anyone – you never know what might happen.  Last year two delegates struck up a friendship at the event, they pursued that friendship and teamed up to create one of the year’s best selling erotica series.  Every contact you make is someone that can support you in your writing and we all need that support, no matter if we are novice bloggers or established authors.

At its heart of the conference is about giving people the tools to communicate effectively and positively about their sexuality be it in fiction or factual writing.  Or to put it another way, helping people to write sex right.

To see the full schedule and to book tickets to Eroticon 2013 please visit the website.

Ruby Kiddell is an erotic author and the founder and force behind Eroticon – the UK’s conference for erotica writers and sex bloggers.  She lives in Devon with her daughter and a cat.  No one is quite sure who is the boss, we suspect it is the cat.

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