Cath Kidston goes train crazy for fashion

As a lover (read fan girl) of both Cath Kidston and The London Underground (which, I am not going to lie extends pretty much to trains in general), when Cath’s Spring 2013 collection magazine dropped through my letter box I screamed/wet myself/fainted/applauded and then sat on the sofa to recover when I saw that they were leading with trains for their fashion and accessories collection this year.

Cath Kidston Train Print Dress & Skirt

Train Scoop Neck Dress, £55 & Train Skirt, £35

Hell fucking yeah.

Obviously, this year more than others marks a huge time in the development of railways as we’ve had the 150th anniversary of The London Underground, and the fact that one of my favourite lifestyle brands are celebrating that by allowing us to wear trains on our person is enough to get me excited.

It’s also pretty stylish. Let’s take a look.

It is no surprise that my favourite items from the collection are the Train Scoop Neck Dress and the Train Skirt, as pictured above. As well as the print being brilliant, and having a vintage crossed with Thomas the Tank Engine vibe, I love how flattering these items are with their generous fifties styling. They produce new prints in these items every season for a reason – they are awesomely popular. Oh and the dress has pockets. Win.

Cath Kidston Train Cardigan

Train Woven Back Cardigan, £60

Cath Kidston have always done a great line of knitwear, but this goes way further. This train cardigan features a woven back with the print both on the inside and the outside back of the garment. It’s like I’m a super geek…but only from behind. I like this concept very much.

Cath Kidston Trains Bag

Trains Travel Bag, £75

It’s not only a bag, but a travel bag with a form of transport on it. My mind is officially blown. Whilst a little pricey, this travel bag featuring the print is nice and roomy (29 x 40 x 12cm) for all your weekend away needs, and it has a cross body strap, two side pockets AND HAS TRAIN PRINT ON IT. I really want this.

Cath Kidston Train Badges

Trains Badge Set, £9

If you are only a little bit into trains and want a piece of the collection without breaking the bank, this cute badge set is…cute! Featuring the trains which appear on the print itself, these little pin badges would look great on a cardigan or a spring mac. You can still declare you love for the train without plastering yourself head to toe! (Although I will be…just to put that out there).

There are plenty of other things in this print collection – iPhone cases, a variety of bags and gadget cases, mugs, umbrellas, hankies and a child’s shirt. Good. I’m pleased to see I’m not the only one that has gone train crazy this year.

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