Calling all single parents. Bored? Starved of love and intelligent conversation? Well, quit moaning and listen up. Your little ones don’t have to be the only people in your life. Dating isn’t difficult just because you’ve got kids in tow. Wave goodbye to singledom and hop aboard the love train.

Your children are not your friends

Messy Dating
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They’re your pride and joy, the apples of your eye, your little darlings. But, let’s face it; little Mildred and Matthew are not your friends. Instead of sharing juicy gossip about a celebrity’s latest sex scandal, the most exciting thing you can hope to discuss is where Postman Pat left his glasses.

Being stuck at home with the kids all day will drive you potty. Give yourself some time off by socialising with friends or allowing yourself to be wooed by a handsome stranger. Let the babysitter deal with bedtime tantrums while you go have some fun.

The art of multi-tasking

There must something horribly wrong with the space-time continuum. When you’re a single parent it feels like there isn’t time to do ANYTHING. Even when the kids are at school, there’s barely enough time to tidy the house before they come home and wreck it again.

When it comes to dating, you need to learn the art of multi-tasking and how to manage your time properly. It’s no good re-arranging your busy schedule for a blind date, only to find that they’re mind-numbingly dull.

This is why dating websites like e-harmony, are ideal for single parents with love on the brain. Fill in the relationship questionnaire and go about your business while eHarmony does all the hard work for you. The matches it suggests will result in far better dates than the ones with your cousin’s roommate’s brother’s work colleague.

A kiss is not a contract

Kissing Dating
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So, you’ve come to the end of your date. Everything was wonderful, you chatted for hours like old friends but now it’s time to get back to the kids. But wait – what are they doing? They’re leaning in for a kiss! Suddenly thoughts of marriage, more kids (heaven forbid) race through your mind. You dodge those puckered lips Matrix-style and run down the road.

Sound familiar? If yes then dunk your head in a bucket of water and listen. One date, or even a few dates, doesn’t automatically mean you have to embark on a long-term or sexual relationship straight away. If you enjoy each other’s company, just sit back, relax and see what happens. Get to know one another and, for pity’s sake, relax.

The dreaded ‘meet and greet’

As your relationship progresses, at some point you start to think about the future. When you do, it’s likely your stomach will drop and the blood drain from your face as you realise what needs to be done – introducing your love interest to your children.

Deciding the right time to do this is tricky. You and your ‘snuggle bunny’ (or whichever sickly cute name you’re calling each other) are still in the honeymoon period of your relationship – duh, of course you’re going to be together forever. You need to clear your head and think what’s best for the nippers.

Anyone dating single parents will know that, for the relationship to survive, the kids need to be on board too. But, to ensure it goes well, you must introduce them at the right time, in the right way – i.e. not walking naked out of your bedroom!

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