Cats are awesome. Team Tea are pretty much unified in their belief that they are awesome and spend a large quantity of the day uploading funny websites, pictures and stories about cats to our writers Facebook group. Sometimes we talk about Tea business, but most of the time we talk about cats. I’m not even joking.

There are a lot of cat websites on the internet, and right from the famous lolcats of the web, the internet has been used to share pictures of cats in all their uncompromising, brilliant glory. Here are five of them that you need in your life, but didn’t even realise.

No need to thank us.

The Kitten Covers

Cat Covers

Spotted by our brilliant writer Charlie, I could’t get enough of iconic album covers posed by kittens. This Eurythmics one made me actually cry laughing, and the Footloose cover was genius. Who needs Kevin Bacon when you have a cat?

Let us know in the comments which album cover you’d like to recreate with kittens. Personally I think The Beatles Abbey Road album is ripe for it.

Catz With Bowties

Cats With Bowties

Over on Team Tea’s Facebook Group where we share all this sort of ridiculousness with each other, we can’t get enough of cats wearing bowties. Everyday a new picture pops up (usually provided by Button It columnist Simon) and we rate the cat on cuteness, gentlemanly-ness and affinity to being the next Doctor Who.

Then I found this instagram account and died a little inside. Enjoy.

Cash Cats


The Cash Cats website takes the simple premise that cat + money = good. And strangely enough it is. I actually cannot stop looking at the cats with piles of money around them. It is a bit evil genius. It has a touch of the James Bond about it. Also, whilst scrolling this website I am now imaging a world where the cat in Goldfinger was actually the real baddie, and that humans were powerless to stop her (yeah, this badass cat was a she) from defeating the British Government.

See? Epic viewing.

Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls

Cats Pin Up

When I found out that a website existed with comparisons of cats to pin up girl photos, I whooped inside. Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls is not only hilarious, but it has taken a lot of skill and effort to find the write pin up girl for each comparison shot. Also, these cats are totally pimping – look at their poses! They are sexy and they know it.

Major props to team member Emma Sewell for finding this beauty and sharing with us all. That’s my productivity knocked down by about 35%.

Kitties And Bullshit

Cat Bullshit

Basically brilliant. All those amazing hand drawn pictures going round Pinterest with famous lyrics changed to suit cat behaviour? This is where they come from. Clever, funny, relevant and slightly offbeat in that there’re no cat pictures to coo over, but there is a lot of cat hilarity.

Kitties and Bullshit says what you are thinking – which is usually, why isn’t there a cat in this song?

What are your favourite cat websites?

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