RIP Reeva Steenkamp.

That is what should be being said. Rest in peace. Our thoughts are with your family. What has happened is a tragedy and all efforts and comments should be focusing on finding the truth as to what has happened to her and paying our respect to this woman, who has lost her life. For let us not forget. That a young woman who was loved, has lost her life.

Reeva SteenkampHowever, this simple message (which is one of the more basic and intrinsic of human values), “be respectful of those who have died”, seems to be lost on The Sun. The Sun would rather try and make a profit out of the tragic death of Steenkamp, despite the fact her body is barely cold.

The Sun does not have the best track record with respecting the rights of women (not to mention other demographics they like to abuse). Degrading women in general everyday (I might mention page 3, I might also mention pages 1-2 and 4-79 as well). But even by their usual standards, The Sun has achieved something I hadn’t thought possible; they have managed to lower themselves even more. I know. Who knew that a new low was possible?

If you’ve missed it, in response to the death of Steenkeemp, The Sun thought the best way to immortalise her memory was to plaster their front page (and the inner pages as well) with half naked photos of her, for men to perv over. Because apparently, The Sun readership wouldn’t be able to empathise, mourn or feel an emotional connection with this women who has been brutally murdered (who had family, friends and a life lest we forget) unless they could see her as naked a possible.

The Sun

What’s truly awful is that, even in death women cannot escape the never-ending need for others to sexualize them. From female celebrity cooks putting far too much sex into a toad in the hole than is necessary, to Page 3 and now apparently even in death. In this giant media machine we seem to be living in, no matter what the story, there needs to be a sex angle. Although this can apply to men as well, it is nowhere near on such a grand scale as it is for women. There really is no aspect of the life of a woman, that the papers, media, society in general, can not spin to reduce women to a mere sex object to debase. Women are more than sexual beings. Something The Sun seems to have no concept of.

Will the Sun have a defense for this insensitive display in their rag of a paper? We can only assume they will say, “she was a model, it was her job” and so on. To that I say, what about the other aspects of her life? From what I’ve seen, they have only displayed the sexiest of pictures? This woman was more than just a model. Steenkamp was also a daughter and a friend. Surely Steenkamp was these things first and foremost? How many of us would define ourselves and our lives by only our jobs? We are more than the thing that we do to earn money. Humans have many facets to their personality. If we want to represent her truly, why are there not other photos, apart from the sexy model pictures? Steenkamp studied law and had applied to the bar. If modelling was her career, well then so was the law. Where are the pictures in her mortarboard at graduation? Or her reading some huge textbooks about Tort? None? Just as I thought.

There is no excuse for this. It is a simple moral point. This woman has lost her life. And deserves to be respected. You can dole out as many excuses as you like. None of them will stand up. The Sun is so clearly in the wrong. The real question is why did The Sun feel the need to sex up a murder story? Again the answer is so clear. To sell more papers. What does it matter if they demean the memory of a dead woman? That’s the world we are living. A dead woman is fair game if we can print some hot pictures of her to make more money. If that is really world we are living in, I want no part of it.

The answer is simple. Stop buying The Sun. The Sun is a waste of space. Murdoch’s talk of removing Page 3 is clearly bollocks. In place of Page 3 on Friday was a picture of a murdered women in a flimsy bikini. I didn’t think you could get worse than Page 3. But The Sun has done it. Maybe instead of No More Page 3 we should start a No More The Sun instead? It would improve the quality of the world and save some trees all in one.

Please, for the love of everything that is dear on this Earth. Stop. Buying. The. Sun.

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