Long before I discovered a gym I enjoyed, classes I actually looked forward to, or Jillian Michaels, Davina McCall was my fitness buddy of choice. Now a staple in the workout DVD section of all good shops and of course Amazon (she gets her own featured section, natch), Davina along with her trainers Mark & Jackie have a reputation for providing good, solid training and a great home work out. And this isn’t about to change with her newest release, Davina Intense.

Davina Intense DVD

This DVD takes training with Davina up a notch, and instead of using the same of routines and moves (which had started to get a little repetitive with each release, this workout is based on a different way of training your body. High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT), is the main theme of the DVD, which essentially means that you get to work out for less time (woohoo!) but at a much higher intensity (book). Well you win some you lose some eh?

As per usual for Davina DVD’s, the workout is broken down into sections which you can do individually, or altogether for a serious workout. The three main sections covered are –

  • Intense Cardio Box – fantastic combination of boxing moves and high speed interval training.
  • Intense Toning – brilliant mix of toning exercises with weights, and more high speed interval training.
  • Intense Abs – A high velocity workout for your six pack and core muscles.

With a warm up and cool down which you are strongly encouraged to do at the start and end of each workout. These use a lot of stretching which I’ve really enjoyed over the art few releases, and have definitely helped me grow my flexibility – if only I could do it more often!

I think the best way of describing this workout is intense. It does what it says on the box, and as someone used to home workout DVDs and with a relatively good level of fitness, this wasn’t a walk in the park. By using HIIT methods, they’ve taken it up a notch and I think anyone at any level could benefit from some of the training techniques shown in this DVD.

The best section in my opinion is Cardio Box. I really enjoy boxing type moves, and going at it very very hard (for 30 seconds) and then getting a break was good, and motivating. Knowing I had that little break on the other side definitely encouraged me to go my hardest. As usual, they encourage you to do what you can and develop as you use the DVD more and more, and they offer advanced moves shown by Mark if you need to step it up a level.

Whether you are a tried and tested fan of Davina’s workouts or are new and want to try something different, this is a high quality progressive workout that will get you moving. Honestly? I’ve not managed to do all three sections back to back yet. But there is a challenge just waiting to be tackled!

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