Popular engagement ring trends for 2013

As average marriage ceremonies and typical wedding traditions are falling by the wayside, engagement rings are also being updated to suit the modern day couple and bride-to-be. I know I wasn’t alone in wanting something offbeat and different from the typical, solitaire diamond engagement ring (I went for a row of three emerald cut diamnds which were beautiful!). Many couples are now opting for unique, distinct styles in a variety of designs, metals, settings, and stones. Unusual gems, unconventional settings, and special cuts are just a few options that we are presented with these days. The choice is huge – eek!

There are a few cutting-edge engagement styles that are a hot commodity among current brides, including huge massive diamonds or rings with an antiquated or vintage flair – but then again isn’t everything vintage nowadays? At the same time, old trends, such as the halo engagement ring, are getting some enhancements this year with an extra halo in the setting, and uncommon stones like emeralds are becoming the centerpiece of current trends in engagement rings.

Engagement Rings

Don’t be overwhelmed by the abundance of styles and designs in modern rings – there is bound to be something that suits you. In addition, many jewellers allow you to design and build your own ring (in many wish I wish I’d given this a go). So whether your ring of choice is a non-traditional gem similar to those worn by celebs and royalty, or a vintage inspiration comparable to the engagement ring your grandmother received, proposing with an engagement ring with its own distinguishing flair is positive to make your future spouse go nuts – take note.

Add Some Colour to Your Diamond

Engagement rings bearing colourful gems are nothing new to the wedding ring industry, however, when notable celebrities and royalty like Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton began sporting engagement rings with colourful center-piece stones; this trend became a hit, causing couples to incorporate a significant stone in their rings of choice. Many future married couples who wish to avoid the average white diamond engagement ring and go with a colored gem that usually contains some sentimental value. If you and your partner aren’t bonded by a particular gem, emeralds are a hit these days due to their attachment to prosperity and health of the couple.

Include ‘Something Old’ in Your Engagement Ring

Engagement rings that combine an antique setting with a contemporary design are fashionable with modern chic brides. Those brides-to-be with a more classic, elegant taste favour engagement rings with a vintage quality because of their old-school sophistication, refined beauty, and uncommon style. While some couples wish to use a family heirloom or a replica of one, many just like the classic appeal of the vintage-inspired engagement ring. Brides can even customize or build their own antique-esque engagement rings at 77 Diamonds. Try to infuse something familiar and sentimental in your personally designed ring. From family heirlooms to antique prototypes, a vintage-influenced design is the ideal way to display the uniting of the life.

Engaged readers – how did you pick your engagement ring?

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  • Mister Flay chose my ring and he did good!
    He went for plain, elegant and simple, no flashy diamond as it’s just not me – He went for a thing silver band, simple silver bubble in place of a stone, it’s gorgeous.
    And it was designed by a friend which makes it even more special… Check it out here by the very talented Lazy Giraffe Jewellery. I’m in love with it and my wedding band will match – it also didn’t cost him the earth, it’s sentimental for us and I love it more than a £3000 ring! : )

    Miss Sue Flay xx

  • Emma Cossey says:

    I didn’t! The Mr had a custom ring done, with a princess of heart diamond (which looks like these two images when you look through it with a magnifying glass – hearts and arrows http://www.gdimemphis.com/wp-content/gallery/diamond-brands/Princess-of-Hearts-Diamond.jpg) and some little diamonds on the band. To be honest, it could have been Elizabeth Duke and I’d have been happy, but he’s a bit of a bling geek. We then went back to the same place to choose our wedding bands. I would suggest going to a specialist rather than a high street, as you get your money’s worth with higher quality diamonds. It’s going to last you a long time (hopefully!) so it’s worth investing in.

  • Becky says:

    My husband got my ring designed by my best friends and himself, and had the ring made by my godmother’s company – http://www.purelydiamonds.co.uk/. It’s a very modern design, single solitaire princess cut diamond set into a very thin white gold band and the wedding ring is shaped around it so it slots in. It’s not big and flashy but I love it because he designed it for me and no-one else in the world has exactly the same ring. He even chose the specific diamond in it. The fact that every aspect of the ring was created by people that I love (my god sister set the stone and talked through the design with him, my other god sister packaged it up and sent it to him) makes it so special.

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