One of the things I’ve tried to do with the column, is make it as honest as possible. A lot of the time, wedding planning is painted as this wonderful, fairytale period. It does have lots of aspects of that, but the average wedding requires a lot of planning and stress too – especially for the disorganised types (me). In the spirit of honesty, I’ve confessed some of my biggest fears about what may or may not go wrong on the big day. Share some of those fears? Please do let me know in the comments!

Wedding Flowers

Keeping the peace

I don’t think there are many people that don’t worry about keeping the peace on their Big Day. Luckily, I don’t have any worries about Peter’s close family or mine, but there are usually one or two people you worry about – especially if there have been tensions in the past.


I don’t really like having my photo taken. This is not helped by the fact that I have an eye condition called Duane syndromewhich means I can’t move my left eye left. I usually cope with this quite easily by turning my head rather than moving my eyes, but after a few glasses of champagne, it gets harder – and even trickier when you’re surrounded by people with cameras.

The Weather

This isn’t really a big fear – after all, us Brits are perfectly adapted to dealing with various different weather conditions. But a lot of the plans for the big day are reliant on how the weather will be, so the plans won’t really be finalised until a week before.

Losing Weight

That health kick I mentioned a few months ago? I’m still on it. Apparently, I have ‘stubborn fat’. Which makes it somewhat frustrating when you’re working out 5-6 hours a week and sticking to a low-carb diet, but the pounds aren’t shifting. The inches are coming off, but I do have a fear that I’ll look back on those wedding photos with a bit of disappointment. Do all brides feel like this? Tense about how they’ll look?

*Update* I have since been to see a nutritional therapist, who seems to have discovered why the weight isn’t budging AND made me feel 100% better. Highly recommend seeing one if you’re struggling.

The Money

Weddings are damn expensive. We know this. And now’s the time when we start writing cheques. The honest truth is, it’s been hard saving for this wedding – especially as a freelancer when income can go up and down. We’ve stuck to a budget, but it’s still tough. I’m a little bit excited about being able to go shopping for things that aren’t related to weddings afterwards!

The stress has been showing a bit recently – I’ve been a tad emotional, which isn’t really like me. Thankfully, I have a pretty amazing support system. My husband-to-be has kept me sane, both of our families have pitched in and helped, and I’m trying to learn how to chill out and not get so worked up about the little things. It will all be worth it, and with just a few weeks ago, the excitement is starting to overtake the stressy feeling.

What was (or is) your biggest fear about the biggest day?

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