We’re forever being told to have more “get up and go”, to live life to the full and to enjoy every moment like it’s our last. Sounds great in theory, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, doing this every day can be bloody exhausting, and every now and again it’s good to treat yourself to good old fashioned duvet days.

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up on the sofa with your thickest duvet and knowing you aren’t moving from that spot all day (well except for bathroom breaks obviously).

Thinking of taking a duvet day but don’t know what to do? Then grab your softest slippers, slip into your favourite onesie and attach yourself to your duvet for the next 24 hours, because we’ve got some great ideas for you.

Duvet Day

Watch bad movies

Everyone has bad movies in their collection. Whether you bought it to reminisce, to be ironic or simply “by mistake”, they exist, there’s no getting away from them. Your duvet day is the perfect excuse to watch them and not be judged by it, so put all your most embarrassing movies into a pile and make it your mission to get through them all within the day.

Although if you’re still concerned the neighbours will be able to see you watching High School Musical 2, then double check and make sure you draw the curtains.

Spend time with friends

Who said you need to be alone on a duvet day? You spend time with your best pals during your free time, so why not on a lazy duvet day?

Get your best pals round in their favourite pjs, make sure wine and popcorn is brought with them and relive your teenage years by having an old fashioned sleepover.


Ok, this one takes a bit of pre-duvet day planning. If you want your day of relaxation to include baking, then it’s always a good idea to know what you’re going to cook a few days before.

This allows you a few days’ notice to prepare, so you can go out and buy any necessary ingredients that aren’t already hiding in your cupboards. After all there’s nothing more annoying than having to get dressed on a duvet day.

This is also the perfect time to try out a new recipe, as if it all goes horribly wrong, you’re the only person that will know about it.

Organise your life

Filing those all-important documents, dying your hair and doing other general life admin can seem like an absolute nightmare, especially when you’ve already had a busy week, so why not save it for a duvet day.

I suggest this mainly because taking care of paperwork is always a lot more fun when you’re wrapped inside a duvet pretending you’re a caterpillar. Fact.


Of course you don’t actually have to do anything on a duvet day; you could just sleep…all day long. Pure bliss.

To ensure a decent days sleep, make sure you turn off your phone and pretend your laptop is broken, so you won’t have to answer to anyone, including spam emails.

So next time the rain is pouring down like it’s the end of the world, admit defeat, grab your slippers and settle in for the entire day – you deserve duvet days after all!

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