We’re doing it in the loos, at our desks and even in the supermarket… I’m talking sexting, of course. The exchange of saucy messages between you and your hubby/sexual partner/work colleague is always exciting but it often leaves some people feeling shy and distracting themselves with Draw Something quicker than a quickie in a nightclub.


But even the most shy of iPhone owners can master the sex text and see great results from it. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had is when my partner has been returning from a business trip after swapping a load of oh-so-filthy messages. Sexts allow you to build up the tension, to perhaps say things you couldn’t say face to face and to set the mood for the rest of the evening.

There’s nothing better than a surprise sexy message from my other half to let me know he’s thinking about me (and that tiny black negligee I own). It’s flattering to recieve a text saying what s/he wants to do to you or how hot you look in that pair of stockings. But there is a slight line where things no longer become sexy and become crude.

The key to sexting is to try and set the tone yourself. If you use a certain word for your vagina, chances are they’ll follow. If they start calling it something you really find offensive, lead the conversation back and stay in control by turning things a slightly different way or telling them politely you dislike that word.

Then, once you’ve got the conversation going, you could always introduce the sexy picture. My advice for doing this is to make sure you send it to someone you trust enough not to plaster it all over the internet or your work’s intranet! We can never be sure, of course. And perhaps that’s the thrill of it all. If you’re too shy to send a pic of your body or face, why not try photographing some sexy underwear you’ve bought and add some effects using a multitude of iPhone features. I’d just stay clear of the smiley faces and neon text, if I were you!

Sex texts are enjoyable and if you’re too shy to make the first move, try something simple like telling him what underwear you’re wearing (I’ve done this – told him I had silk french knickers on, really I was wearing Smurf print boy shorts from Primark).

Sending a sext really does build up the tension and sets the tone for amazing sex. And it’s not just for those in long distance relationships or when one partner is away with work- try sending a sext when he’s on the commute home or in an important business meeting.

Now, I’m off to tell my partner I want to give him a **** *** with ***** and ****** until he ******.

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