Pinned It Made It
Sarah & Plum from Pinned It Made It join us for a chat.

We’ve got a confession to make. Something went really wrong last month. We spoke at a sex conference, worked too many hours, moved to London (Lea) and got very much older with a hugely special big Birthday (Sam). Despite planning and planning, sometimes the best plans are derailed and somewhere between lugging a 70’s dressing table up two flights of narrow stairs in Archway, unpacking far too many pants and not having any internet, we failed you. But we are back now with riffs a plenty on all things bucket lists, USA and moving house ready to go. So let’s get to it!

We’ve got:

      • Discussion on being over and under the hill, and what makes a good bucket list
      • Our regular newscaster Simon Button talks all the best news stories over the past month
      • The ladies from Pinned It Made It, Plum & Sarah join us for some pinteresting chat
      • Resident tech & gadget expert Emma Cossey tells us how to stress less through the power of technology
      • We taste test some gorgeous cake & patisserie from Blanche Eatery
      • And finally, we are played out by eighties influenced pop band The Lunar Pilots

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