I have a confession, something I’m quite ashamed of, something which feels so teenage and a bit gross but one that I have to let out. I like being bitten.

I’ve never seen any of these Twilight things, nor have I watched Vampire Diaries. But all of a sudden I have a desire for Mr Sexy to bite my neck. We’re not shy to try rough sex and I’ve always made a point of saying how I like to be dominated, so it was during one of these intense Dom/Sub sessions that he first bit me. And I loved it.


Most of us associate biting with love bites, those whopping big bruises on the necks of the sluttiest girls in school (come on, we all know that’s true). Shown off in the school class rooms, hair tied back in the tightest of Croydon ponytails, these love bites (or hickys) would adorn the necks of the slim girls in the short skirts and the boys with the baby faces and curtains (come on, it was the early 00s!). And I’d be repulsed. Chubby, geeky and a proper swot, I’d feel physically sick at the thought of these girls letting boys do that to them in the woods rather than going home and cuddling up with mum in front of the TV (still my favourite thing ever).

So, at 23, it was a bit of a shock to find that these bites were actually enjoyable. I was taken back when the tiniest of tiny mark on my neck made me grin with memories of the night before. Before I covered it up with concealer and a scarf, I looked at the bite mark and smiled knowing we’d both had a lengthy, amazing, mind-blowing sex session the night before.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s something to biting and acting like literal animals in bed. Let’s move on from the gross teenage neck sucking and perhaps be a little more rough in bed. After all, you might be surprised at what you actually enjoy!

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