When thinking about spending a few days, kicking back with good friends, good music (though sadly not usually good weather), it is important to make sure you are fully prepped and kitted out for your festival experience. A little bit of work beforehand goes a long way to guaranteeing your enjoyment, so let The High Tea Cast take the hassle out of festival going and do the work for you! Check out our festival section for all the festival advice and hints and tips.

The avid festival-goers among you will know that this Sunday is a very special day. Very special indeed. It is your final chance to get hold of a Glastonbury Festival ticket in the last sale wave of 2013 – though you are up against thousands with a buy-or-die mindset this year. If you’re trying to get your mitts on the tix, good luck to you (you’ll need it – we got ours the first time round).

Snapadoo Reading festival

If you don’t have a cool £200 upwards to throw at Michael Eavis and his merry clan of Worthy Farm organisers, why not volunteer instead? There are some serious positives for opting to work a festival over paying to go, such as:

  • You’ll meet fellow volunteers and make some new friends
  • You’ll get to use the staff facilities (including the loos!)
  • You get to add it as volunteer experience to your CV
  • You wont go bankrupt
  • You may get fed, rather than spending your own cash on three meals a day
  • You’ll get free training
  • You don’t normally need previous experience (for stewarding roles anyway)

Sounding like a good idea yet? Let’s check out which festivals you can still apply to volunteer at this summer…

Volunteer at Glastonbury

The big G Fest still has places left on the renowned Oxfam stewarding programme. You’ll have to apply quickly, but the feedback from the volunteers of previous years has been huge. You’ll need to pay a £205 security deposit, but this is refunded to you (meaning no actual money spent!). Apply here.

Role: Steward
Shift requirements: 1 daytime, 1 afternoon or evening and one overnight
Festival headliners:
Rolling Stones, Mumford and Sons, Arctic Monkeys

  • Attend training (if they haven’t in the last four years)
  • Check tickets, wristbands and IDs
  • Man the fire towers
  • Barricade festival areas and exercise crowd control
  • Provide a reference
  • Attend the festival(s) for the full onsite dates
  • Have an excellent level of spoken English
  • Adhere to standards of behaviour

Volunteer at Reading and Leeds

Reading and Leeds festivals have a wide selection of volunteering opportunities up for grabs including Green Messengers (litter pickers), and a few roles that become available closer to the time such as Environmental Health Officers and Oxfam Stewards. Any role at reading and Leeds requires a £234 deposit which is refunded upon completion of your shifts. Apply now.

Role: Campsite Assistance Team (CAT)
Shift requirements: 3 x 8 hour shifts between 12:00 Wednesday 21st (or 01:00 Thursday if arriving for the later briefing) and 16:00 Monday 26th
Festival headliners:
Greenday, Eminem, Biffy Clyro

  • Assisting festival goes with directions.
  • Helping festival goers carry their belongings and pitch their tents.
  • Answering questions about performances and line-ups.
  • Reporting any problems e.g. a build-up of litter or faulty facilities.
  • Working with Fire Safety, Medical and Security teams.
  • Helping out with various roles across the festival site e.g. pedestrian and vehicle gates, wristband exchanges, keeping an eye on facilities, monitoring stages and walkways.

Volunteer at Latitude

It’s a bit middle class, it’s a bit liberal media and it’s a bit lovely – Latitude is back this year with a wholesome Indie lineup. Like Reading and Leeds, they have a plentiful supply of roles available including Cats, Hats and Pixies (campsite stewards) and Environmental Health Officers. Apply now.

Role: Green Messenger
Shift requirements: Work a total of 24 hours between the Wednesday and the Tuesday
Festival headliners: 
Bloc Party, Kraftwork, Foals

  • Be stationed at the sets of recycling bins throughout the campgrounds telling people what bin to put their recycling in. You will be armed with a litter picking stick and be required to pick out the wrong stuff that gets thrown in the wrong bin when you are not looking. You may also do some litter picking around the roadway your bin’s stationed on. Daytime shifts only.
  • Be part of our Recycle Exchange team. You will receive bags of cans and other rubbish from the campers and encouraging them separate their waste responsibly. You will need to be a bit bossy as well as nice for this job as you will have to make the people pick out any ‘contaminants’ from the bags they bring back.
  • Be part of our Compost Crew. These will be highly sought after arena jobs, so volunteers will need to jump through a few hoops to get put on this role. The Compost Crew will rove around the arena with a handy hoop and a litter picking stick working as mobile compost bins. This is so people don’t have to sit in other’s squished kebabs and also so we capture the estimated 70% of compostable waste produced in the arena ends up as compost and not as methane puffing out of a landfill. OK, so not such a glamorous job, but you will get to hear the bands.
  • Hand out bin bags to people on arrival.
  • Tell the campers about the recycling initiatives, especially promoting the idea of packing their camping gear down and taking it home.
  • Staffing Tent Recycling points on the Monday morning.
  • Working in the sorting area to re-pack all the donated gear.
  • Salvaging and scavenging good quality re-usable gear that’s left in the campsites, to go to charity and community organisations.

Volunteer at Creamfields

Fancy checking out the dance and trance DJs rather than rock’n’roll bands over the August bank holiday? Head over to Creamfields. The Liverpool based festival has the least shift requirements for their volunteers, meaning less work and more partying for you!

Role: Bar Staff
Shift requirements: Training, plus 2 x 8/10 hour shifts or equivalent.
Festival headliners: 
Prodigy, Tiesto, Madeon

  • Serve drinks to festival goers
  • Cash collection from the onsite bars
  • Keeping your serving area clean
  • Work in tandem with your team

Where will you be volunteering this summer?

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