So, I got married!


It was an amazing day. I’m usually the person that has a bit of a grizzle after most events (socialising in big groups isn’t my strong point), but I literally couldn’t stop smiling all day. Even when I did a two second ugly crying face when I looked up the aisle and saw my husband-to-be standing there.

Stuff didn’t go perfectly. I woke up with a bloodshot eye, I was late to the church, a member of our wedding party was late, our cake got a tiny bit crushed and it hailed during our photographes. Yup. HAILED. And I was worried about everything in the days before. I was so worried about photos, not getting into my dress and the weather. But on the day our photographers were amazing, my dress fitted and we only had an hour of rain. I’ll take that. 

What I didn’t realise was, when everyone tries to make your day so perfect, it’s impossible not to enjoy it. And despite all the stress of the last 18 months, it was worth it.   

I think my overwhelming feelings, were of being loved and humbled. Humbled by how lovely everyone was, how kind and how generous. Humbled by Peter’s dad’s speech (one of his best men) that choked me up. Humbled by the lovely words in a card from my new sisters-in-law. Humbled by how happy people were for us. Humbled by how much help we got from both of our families. 


I have a theory. Getting married is like having a baby. The process in the run up fairly awful, but once it’s here, you forget how awful it was before. 

With this column, I wanted to talk to those brides-to-be that don’t love every minute of wedding planning. I’ve spoken to quite a few who breathe a sigh of relief when they talk to someone who doesn’t get giddy over flowers and favours. So now, I want to put your mind at rest a little. It will be a wonderful day. You won’t stop smiling all day. But it’s just one day. After that, you get to be married to the person you love. That’s pretty damn cool too, and easy to loose sight of. 

But if you’re stressed, here are my top three tips for the day:

  • Take 30 minutes away. Half an hour before our evening guests arrived, we popped back to the house (next to the marquee) to take a little time out. It was lovely to sit down, chat about the day so far and enjoy a little peace and quiet. It meant we got to greet our evening guests refreshed.
  • Let go of the idea of perfection. You’re not going to be perfect. The day won’t be perfect. Give yourself a break! Aim for happy.
  • Have a fun mission! Instead of stressing during the day, I tried to make it my mission to squeeze as much fun as possible out of the day. Fun is so much easier than perfection. 

Oh, and post-wedding? It’s wonderful. I’d forgotten how nice it is to have money to spend on something other than wedding stuff, and to have time when we don’t have to organise stuff. It’s bliss. 

Now I’m going to hand over the wedding planner baton to Sarah Williams, who is starting out on her wedding planning journey. You’re going to love her posts! 

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