As well as an empire that runs to workout gear and a range of much loved DVD’s, it turns out that Davina McCall is venturing into the world of fitness apps – The Davina Fitness app. Launched in conjunction with (and running alongside) her newest DVD release Davina Intense. Fitness apps are all the rage these days (hello Zombies 5k), and although I’ve not had much success with ones that are not basic running or walking, I wanted to give this a try as I’d enjoyed the DVD so much.

Davina Fitness App

Whilst the app is free to download, the very naughty thing to say right upfront is that to access anything particularly useful, you do need to pay £1.49 – this downloads the personal training section which gets you access to all the moves. I don’t mind that, and I don’t think £1.49 is a lot to pay for an app, but feel it is better to be upfront. A discount for those who had bought the DVD might have been a good marketing tactic too. I digress. Back to the app.

The app itself has lots of different exercise routines that followers of Davina’s workout DVD’s will be very familiar with. You can p pick from a Cardio Tone and Sculpt list which targets specific body areas, and also breaks down the moves to beginner, occasional and experienced. This means you can grow at your own pace and start depending on your ability.

You also have access to timed workouts, which are specific exercise combinations to create tailored workouts, designed to fit your objectives by professional trainers Jackie and Mark (which feature on all the DVD’s), and each workout contains its own warm up and cool down and you can select any workout at any time. Finally there is a running buddy included so you can take the app and go for a job if you so wish (and you can select your own playlists and albums to run to which is pretty awesome). So far so good.

One of the things that is interesting is that they’ve ramified the use of this app by creating a reward system of Davina “hearts”. I don’t tend to go in for all that crap, but if that kind of incentive work for you, then go for it. You can share your hearts on Facebook and Twitter too, which shows some nice social integration within the app.

Overall this is a good app, and for fans of Davina I think you enjoy it – give the free version a go before you decide to upgrade, but I think I’ll be sticking to the traditional DVD workouts for now!

Davina Fitness is available on iOS devices and Android.

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