Hollywood is really not putting in the hard yards these days. Here I present Reasons why The Great Gatsby and Star Trek are Pretty Much the Same Movie:

1. Both rely heavily on themes of time.

In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby is smacked in his gorgeously smug face with the impossibility of recreating a perfect past; in Star Trek, Spock hangs out with himself.

Why of course you can...
Why of course you can…

2. Both deal with destruction of worlds.

The death of Myrtle (SPOILER) and then Gatsby (SPOILED) forces Carraway to abandon his image of Gatsby’s perfect liquor-soaked party-addled 1920’s lifestyle; planets seem to explode every five minutes like sad pieces of popcorn in the Star Trek universe.

Try and focus on the DESTRUCTION rather than the beautiful man.
Try and focus on the DESTRUCTION rather than the beautiful man.

3. Both attempt – and fail – to give women a strong voice.

Carey Mulligan’s Daisy embodies her namesake – pale, fragile and boring – where Fitzgerald’s character was both infinitely more loathsome and infinitely more interesting. Even the magnificent Jordan isn’t given much more than eyebrows and one golf swing onscreen. Into Darkness’s two (brilliant) female characters are reduced to their bodies (Carol) and their relationships (Uhura). But kudos for trying.

Star Trek
What? It’s just easier to think without clothes on.

4. Both delve into issues of politics.

The Great Gatsby is a slightly-too-long exploration of the fabulous and flawed excesses of the 1920’s; Into Darkness is a barely-concealed allegory about American foreign policy.

Tuesday night.
Tuesday night.

5. Both films rely on setting to express their themes.

Gatsby’s mansion is a symbol of everything wrong and beautiful about his world; Kirk’s loss – and subsequent regain – of the Enterprise is illustrative of his character arc.

Kirk star trek into darkness
If you think my ship is big, you should see my…

6. Both shamelessly wallow in the beauty of their male leads.

KHAAAAAAAAAN't stop looking at his cheekbones.
KHAAAAAAAAAN’t stop looking at his cheekbones.

7. They have a guiding light. 

The symbolism of the green light in Gatsby blatantly evokes a Star Trek trope. He might as well be hollering “Beam Me Up, Daisy”.

I'll never let go Jack...
I’ll never let go Jack…

8. People die.

Poor sassy Myrtle.
Poor sassy Myrtle.

9. Stuff crashes.

The crashes aren't necessarily on the same scale.
The crashes aren’t necessarily on the same scale.

10. Both end with people in boxes.

"Cryotubes" is just space talk for boxes.
“Cryotubes” is just space talk for boxes.

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