Ok, so we all know I love a bit of Geek & Sundry and Nerdist on YouTube. I’m also completely addicted to The Nerdist Podcast.


Top 10 so far (I could have totally listed 100 but this post isn’t about the podcast so…)

  1. Danica McKellar – Winnie! (also she has written books that make maths fun)
  2. Scott Adsit – If you like 30 Rock, you’ll love this one
  3. Tom Hanks – Just perfect. Also, old typewriters. 
  4. Ron Perlman – He’s just as cool as you want him to be
  5. Lily Tomlin – I love this lady so much
  6. YouTube Titans – If you’re interested in doing anything with YouTube or just enjoy YouTube content, listen to this
  7. Wil Wheaton – Chris and Wil are best friends and this whole podcast is just so cute
  8. Emma Caulfield – So much more than Anya from Buffy (but let’s face it, that would be enough)
  9. Malcolm McDowell – He is hilarious and cool and tells the best stories
  10. Anthony Edwards – Top Gun, Attack of the Nerds, ER… so much to love

A few weeks ago Charlie McNichol alerted me on my beloved G+ that Chris Hardwick would be in London doing a one off stand up performance – WIN! However, it didn’t start until 10pm… I know some of you are thinking “So!?” but I’m an old lady (at least at heart) and I started the week babysitting my 4mo nephew and 3yo niece for two nights. Yeh, sleep became a “thing”. 

I’m happy to say though that my love of Nerdist won over my tiredness. Especially the more I listened to the podcast and heard Chris talking about bringing Matt and Jonah over for a gig if this one went well (the other podcast hosts for those who don’t know). So when I saw Charlie chatting about the gig in our Facebook editorial group, I was in. 

For me, the night was a world of success! I got to meet the lovely Charlie in person, spend some time with my good friend Roger (who has a thing for Chris Hardwick’s girlfriend Chloe and got to meet her) and I got to cuddle Chris TWICE! 


As for the hour of stand up itself. No 1. I could have listened to at least another hour happily. It was lovely to see Chris’ childlike enthusiasm for life close up. He covered everything from Dr Who (there was some amazing weeping angel cosplay action going on in the front row), Harry Potter, blow up dolls, embarrassing dads and wanking. Honestly, it was such a joy and I giggled like a loon the whole way through (sorry to Charlie’s boyfriend Matt who was stuck sitting next to me and my loud dirty old man laugh – not sorry to Roger who was on the other side because you know, you’ve known me long enough to put up with that shit). 

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